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The Affirmative Case for McCain - Part II

Caleb For McCain

By Caleb Howe, Oct 14th 2008 10:05AM, Filed Under: Endorsements, Republicans, John McCain, Featured Stories

In 2008, the right choice for America is John McCain.

That's something I decided early this year, over the objection of some of my conservative colleagues. There are a number of reasons, but the quickest summation would be "leadership." When I saw both Fred Thompson and John McCain in South Carolina, I knew who had to be the Republican nominee. This is a McCain year, for many reasons.

For many people, the election is about to be "about" the economy. We all know, though, were it not for the current major crisis, that would not have been the case. It would be about foreign policy. In point of fact, if it must be "about" something, then it ought to be foreign policy. On foreign policy and the war. McCain is just plain right.

The Middle East, and our role there, is at a crossroads. A stable Middle East region needs US presence. The Middle East desires that presence, bluster aside. Iraq's neighbors don't want the country to destabilize or devolve to chaos, particularly with Iran waiting at the sidelines. While the nation is ready for a troop draw-down timeline -- call it withdrawal if you like -- Senator McCain will not completely withdraw, as he has been clear about for some time. The US must establish bases in Iraq, and under John McCain we will. What's more, this is not our only significant foreign policy challenge. We must deal with Russia, and relatedly with the Caucuses region. We must increase our level of cooperation with Turkey. We must strengthen NATO. We must deal with North Korea.

All of these things require the steady hand of experienced command, and the courage, knowledge and judgment to make wise choices. Against his fellow senators and congress members, Senator McCain makes those decisions, and he makes the right ones.

Of course, an election can not, and must not, be "about" only one thing. The economy is obviously largely at play. Despite media and blog falsehoods, this is not a crisis of Republicans' making, and certainly not of John McCain's. Senator McCain was one of the few voices trying to avert this crisis. Now that it is here, we must recognize, however sadly, that the heavy hand of the government is required for a solution. Not only does navigation of these waters require the patience and experience Senator McCain brings to the table, but also the natural reticence of a conservative to use it to expand the government in unlimited ways or indulge emotional, socialist responses. We need a leader who won't sell out the free market economy which has driven human civilization to the peaks of prosperity and generated untold global wealth. Lastly, of course, we need a captain at the helm who has the courage to act in the face of unpopularity and a proven ability to obtain bipartisan cooperation. There is no one but John McCain so well suited to the task.

Of course, I am also influenced by the fundamental values. As mine are Republican and conservative by nature, this obviously leads to me McCain. From protecting gun rights to appointing responsible, impartial judges, he is a man we can trust in this role.

America and the world have tough times ahead. Today more than ever before, the world requires American leadership in the great economic crisis we face. The nations of Earth have been on a hectic and undirected path since the end of the cold war, and we all need an America that can calm that path.

Domestically, we need a president who represents our core American values, and has the wisdom and courage to reach across the partisan divide in pursuit of those values.

For all these reasons, there is only one possible choice for our future. As I said in January I say again now: 2008 is John McCain's year. He's what is right for, and about, America.

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