Thursday, May 27, 2010

E Pluribus Unum

As a child of LEGAL immigrants who worked hard, learned English, learned about this country, and assimilated into this Country -- without losing our own identity -- I heartily concur with Representative McClintock.  As a naturalized American citizen, I find it to be the proverbial breath of fresh air to see a representative of our American government have the courage of his convictions and patriotism.

I would think that the American people who love and are proud of their country would loudly denounce the insults offered by the President of Mexico as he addressed Congress!  It is bad enough that our own liberal representatives are so eager to acquiesce to and support all insults to our Country, but now we have presidents of other countries who see nothing wrong in standing in front of our own legislative bodies and insult the country straight out.

And, we were treated to the revolting sight of the President, Vice President, Speaker of the House, and half the Congress applauding the insults!

It is about time that sincere, patriotic representatives in the House and Senate start standing up for, and defending, our Country.  Lord knows, if they, who have the power, the voice, and the pulpit to do so do not say this loudly and strongly . . . who will?

We the People, with what little voice we do have, have been roundly ignored by Mr. Obama and his cohorts.  It is past time that at least one strong, patriotic voice is heard!

Thank you, Representative McClintock!


A Response to President Calderon

By Jon Huey, on May 20, 2010

Rep. Tom McClintock gave this speech in response to President Calderon's lecture to Congress. Given in the House Chamber, Washington, D.C. May 20, 2010.

M. Speaker:

I rise to take strong exception to the speech of the President of Mexico while in this chamber today.

The Mexican government has made it very clear for many years that it holds American sovereignty in contempt and President Calderon’s behavior as a guest of the Congress confirms and underscores this attitude.

It is highly inappropriate for the President of Mexico to lecture Americans on American immigration policy, just as it would be for Americans to lecture Mexico on its laws.

It is obvious that President Calderon does not understand the nature of America or the purpose of our immigration law.

Unlike Mexico’s immigration law -- which is brutally exclusionary -- the purpose of America’s law is not to keep people out. It is to assure that as people come to the United States, they do so with the intention of becoming Americans and of raising their children as Americans.

Unlike Mexico, our nation embraces immigration and what makes that possible is assimilation.

A century ago President Teddy Roosevelt put it this way. He said:
"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language ... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."
 That is how we have built one great nation from the people of all the nations of the world.

The largest group of immigrants now comes from Mexico. A recent RAND study discovered that during most of the 20th Century, while our immigration laws were actually enforced, assimilation worked and made possible the swift attainment of the American dream for millions of immigrants seeking to escape conditions in Mexico.

That is the broader meaning of our nation’s motto, “E Pluribus Unum” – from many people, one people, the American people.

But there is now an element in our political structure that seeks to undermine that concept of “E Pluribus Unum.” It seeks to hyphenate Americans, to develop linguistic divisions, to assign rights and preferences based on race and ethnicity, and to elevate devotion to foreign ideologies and traditions, while at the same time denigrating American culture, American values and American founding principles.

In order to do so, they know that they have to stop the process of assimilation. In order to do that, they must undermine our immigration laws.

It is an outrage that a foreign head of state would appear in this chamber and actively seek to do so. And it is a disgrace that he would be cheered on from the left wing of the White House and by many Democrats in this Congress.

Arizona has not adopted a new immigration law. All it has done is to enforce existing law that President Obama refuses to enforce. It is hardly a radical policy to suggest that if an officer on a routine traffic stop encounters a driver with no driver’s license, no passport, and who doesn’t speak English, that maybe that individual might be here illegally.

And to those who say we must reform our immigration laws – I reply that we don’t need to reform them – we need to enforce them. Just as every other government does. Just as Mexico does.

Above all, this is a debate of, by and for the American people. If President Calderon wishes to participate in that debate, I invite him to obey our immigration laws, apply for citizenship, do what 600,000 LEGAL immigrants to our nation are doing right now, learn our history and our customs, and become an American. And then he will have every right to participate in that debate.

Until then, I would politely invite him to have the courtesy while a guest of this Congress to abide by the fundamental rules of diplomacy between civilized nations not to meddle in each other’s domestic debates.

Repeating the Mistakes of the Past

Please note the year and source of the cartoon below.  The similarities to today's political situation are shocking. Every single item depicted and deplored in the political commentary below is applicable today. 

If one did not know the year of the original cartoon, one would immediately think it is a very contemporary representation of life and politics today, in 2010.  Sadly, frighteningly, it is just as accurate today as it was in 1934. 

One would think that 76 years later, We the People would have learned by now that liberalism is wrong, it is evil, and it does not work!

Cartoon from 1934  Chicago Tribune

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
~George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Volume 1, 1905

Clearly, the lessons of the past, unbridled government spending, increasing deficits, government control and attempts to destroy our Constitution. Our Country survived the previous attempts to destroy our history, our Country, our Constitution, and our future . . .

We must ensure that we survive the current attempts to destroy us as a Country.  Our last chance, I truly feel and fear, is November, 2010.

This is our last chance to fight against the machine from Chicago that is working intensely to bring every single liberal dream on their decades long wish list to fruition, regardless of the ever-growing mountain of evidence that the majority of the American people have never wanted their brand of "governance" -- not then, and not now.

This is our last chance to tell the liberal machines that our Country is a Republic, a country of laws, with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights applicable to all American citizens (and legal residents). 

This is our last chance to show the liberal machines that we do love and are proud of our Country and our History as it is, warts and ugliness and all.  We must emphatically reject the culture of the left that requires a wholesale and dishonest revision of who we are as a Country and as Americans.

This is our last chance to leave a legacy of truth to the next generations of Americans and show them how we survived as pilgrims, as daring adventurers forging routes into wild, unknown territories, as slaves and slave owners (parts of every country's history), as warriors in a Civil War, and our arrival as a whole country with a common history and a common foundation of Truths that we believe.

This is our last chance to retain and maintain our Sovereignty as a Country, without submitting to the yoke of "global governance" so desired by the liberals for some unfathomable reason.  We are not a colony in a "global" liberal, European-controlled world.

It would appear that there are enough reasons to look "over there" and decide that we Americans do not want or need to be "like them."  There are infinite reasons to reject the demands of the left that we submit to the will of the Europeans, from the cultural problems they have created for themselves to the economic problems they are trying to completely blame on America.

Lord knows, we've made enough economic mistakes ourselves, thanks in no small part to the influence, control, and demands of the liberals in our own Congress.  We certainly do not need to be additionally "guided" by the failed policies of the Europeans.

We are Americans.  We have been since the inception and creation of this country.  We have maintained our identity and independence as a country for 234 years!  We cannot allow 4 short years of an extremely liberal administration to destroy everything our Country has worked for, bled for, and died to achieve.

We must stop the liberal, European-influenced machine from completely destroying everything Americans have worked so very hard for so very long to achieve.

We must not allow America to go the way of Europe!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Does the N.E.A. Really Need More Money?

This is a fascinating and extremely frightening report of the state of education in one of the largest -- and most liberal -- states in the country.

This is the type of environment that the Federal Department of Education has created with its deterioration of standards over the past many years.  For this, the Department is continuously demanding more of our tax dollars?

Here's an excellent instance to "just say no!"

The following is a letter written by a real teacher in the California school system.  Her pleas should resound with all of us; all of our tax dollars are included in paying for this outrageous situation which is doubtlessly repeated in many areas throughout the country.

When are We the People going to have the gumption to tell the progressives and liberals enough is enough!

This English teacher has phrased it the best I've seen yet.

Tomatoes and Cheap Labor

This should make everyone think, be you Democrat, Republican, or Independent.

From a California school teacher - - -

As you listen to the news about the student protests over illegal immigration, there are some things of which you should be aware:

I am in charge of the English-as-a-second-language department at a large southern California high school which is designated a Title 1 school, meaning that its students average lower socioeconomic and income levels.

Most of the schools you are hearing about, South Gate High, Bell Gardens, Huntington Park, etc., where these students are protesting, are also Title 1 schools.

Title 1 schools are on the free breakfast and free lunch program. When I say "free breakfast,"  I'm not talking a glass of milk and roll -- but a full breakfast and cereal bar with fruits and juices that would make a Marriott proud. The waste of this food is monumental, with trays and trays of it being dumped in the trash uneaten.

I estimate that well over 50% of these students are obese or at least moderately overweight. About 75% or more DO have cell phones. The school also provides day care centers for the unwed teenage pregnant girls (some as young as 13) so they can attend class without the inconvenience of having to arrange for babysitters or having family watch their kids.

I was ordered to spend $700,000 on my department or risk losing funding for the upcoming year even though there was little need for anything; my budget was already substantial. I ended up buying new computers for the computer learning center, half of which, one month later, have been carved with graffiti by the appreciative students who obviously feel humbled and grateful to have a free education in America.

I have had to intervene several times for young and substitute teachers whose classes consist of many illegal immigrant students, here in the country less than 3 months, who raised so much hell with the female teachers, calling them "Putas" (whores) and throwing things, that the teachers were in tears.

Free medical, free education, free food, free day care, etc., etc, etc. Is it any wonder they feel entitled to not only be in this country but to demand rights, privileges, and entitlements?

To those who want to point out how much these illegal immigrants contribute to our society because they LIKE their gardener and housekeeper and they like to pay less for tomatoes: spend some time in the real world of illegal immigration and see the TRUE costs.

Higher insurance, medical facilities closing, higher medical costs, more crime, lower standards of education in our schools, overcrowding, new diseases. For me, I'll pay more for tomatoes.

Americans, We need to wake up.

Illegal immigration has nothing to do with "cheap labor." It does, however, have everything to do with culture: It involves an American third-world culture that does not value education, that accepts children getting pregnant and dropping out of school by 15 and that refuses to assimilate, and an American culture that has become so weak and worried about “political correctness” that we don't have the will to do anything about it.

To listen to the rantings and blame placing of many liberals, it would appear that "CHEAP LABOR" is the basis for all of this.  Isn't that what they claim the whole immigration issue is about?  The liberal excuse for allowing Mexicans to enter and remain as illegal immigrants is to put the blame on:

--  Business doesn't want to pay a decent wage.

--  Consumers don't want expensive produce.

--  Americans who supposedly don't want the jobs.

The phrase "cheap labor" is a myth, a farce, and a lie. There is no such thing as "cheap labor."  It is merely another method used by the liberals to try to "shame" opponents into submitting to their demands.

Take, for example, an illegal alien with a wife and five children. He takes a job for $5.00 or 6.00/hour. At that wage, with six dependents, he pays no income tax, yet at the end of the year, if he files an Income Tax Return, he gets an "earned income credit" of up to $3,200 free.   (Most of the illegal aliens are greatly encouraged by many immigration activities organizations to do just that.)

  • He qualifies for Section 8 housing and subsidized rent.  Mu husband and I had once visited a "Section 8" condominium when we were looking for an apartment.  It was a beautiful place, large, well-laid out, and unbelievably cheap!  We were told we could not possibly qualify for that type of apartment because, between the two of us at the time, we earned approximately $32,000 a year because we both worked and paid our own way.  However, if we were willing for at least one of us to quit our job we could easily qualify.  We refused to join the ranks of the moochers.
  • He qualifies for food stamps.
  • He qualifies for free (no deductible, no co-pay) health care.
  • His children get free breakfasts and lunches at school.
  • He requires bilingual teachers and books. (No other immigrant children receive 'special education' in their native language -- not French, German, or Hindi; only Spanish.)
  • He qualifies for relief from high energy bills.
  • If they are, or become, aged, blind, or disabled, they qualify for SSI. If qualified for SSI they can qualify for Medicaid. All of this is at (our) taxpayer's expense.
  • He doesn't worry about car insurance, life insurance, or homeowners insurance.
  • Taxpayers provide Spanish language signs, bulletins, and printed material.
  • He and his family receive the equivalent of $20.00 to $30.00/hour in benefits.
By contrast, working Americans are lucky to have $5.00 or $6..00/hour left after paying their bills and his.

This is what the liberals call "cheap labor"?  I emphatically beg to disagree with that description!  What the liberals are looking for, and determined to get through this open borders mentality is a voting block of grateful residents, whether legal or not, who would be placed immediately on the track for citizenship (to allow them to vote).

"Cheap labor"?  I think not!  More like "cheap, ignorant votes."

These are the questions we should address to the Congressional Members of either party.   When they lie to us and DON'T DO AS THEY SAY, WE MUST REPLACE THEM.

Candidates' perspectives on immigration legislation must be considered in 2010.

If the candidate supports the "open borders" or "amnesty," he or she should immediately be discarded from consideration, whether Republican or Democrat.  Our Country has always welcomed immigrants, but this premise of just open the barn doors, let everyone in, never mind whether or immigration laws are followed is unacceptable.

Just as unacceptable is to have half the representatives of the American people stand up to applaud the president of the country most responsible for breaking immigration laws when he chastises us for adhering to our own laws.  Those selected representatives of the people should be removed at the earliest possible moment: November 2010.

If anyone still wonders why this is important, look around you and see how it has already been detrimental to working Americans, our economy and our American culture and heritage.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Institutionalized Hypocrisy

This past week we have witnessed intense reactions from the Administration and their supporters regarding the law passed in Arizona against illegal immigration.

The immediate reactions from the exalted heights of the Presidency straight on through the Congress, down to the liberal left was to quickly and vociferously condemn the law as "racist," "dangerous," having the potential -- potential, mind you -- to lead to racial profiling. 

Those were the nice comments!

On top of the many ridiculous and close to hysterical reactions came the admissions, in Congressional testimony, of several administration officials, Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder most notably, that they had not even read the law at all.

As hypocritical and base this may be, it appears to be completely in line with their ideology to automatically condemn a law, or anything else they chose to perceive as "wrong," no matter whether they even have factual information about it.

Whatever happened to "Just the facts, Ma'am?"  Or, as simplistic as it may be, what about, "Look before you leap?"

That concept appears to be gravely missing in the mentality of the administration under which our country currently labors.  It appears more clearly than ever that their intent is nothing less than to denigrate, lie about, misrepresent, distort, and possibly ultimately destroy anyone who has the gall to act against them.  It is increasingly undeniable, even after having witnessed Mr. Obama's infamous "Apology Tour," that those who are currently in charge are only interested in one thing: to literally bow to any other power that appears to be contrary to America, from China to Mexico.

I am sure that the majority of those who voted for "Change" in November 2008 did not have any expectation that the "change" would lead to this. 

We now have an administration following in the footsteps of their rabid supporters.  The extreme left has used the methodology of "destroy to conquer" ever since the appearance of Mr. Obama as presidential candidate.  This methodology was made official throughout the campaign when any suggestion or hint of disagreement was deemed "racist."  It was brought to extremes during the attacks against the T. E. A. movement demonstrations (described as terrorists and "astroturf" by Nancy Pelosi).  It was glaringly apparent in Mr. Obama's automatic (shall we say "knee-jerk"?) reaction to the altercation between his Harvard professor friend and the Boston policeman.

Today, it is taken to the depths of hypocrisy by these two highly placed administration officials who are more than ready to destroy a sovereign state of our great country because the lawmakers in that state dare to attempt to take care of an intensely difficult problem -- without following the dictates of the administration.

Soon after, comes the proverbial salt in the wound:  once again, we have the President of the United States of America, a sovereign country, kowtowing to the president of Mexico about illegal immigration, providing a soapbox (an address to Congress) for that individual to insult and tear down our country.

When one thinks about it . . . we should not be surprised that many in Congress applauded the insults to our laws and our states.  Hasn't Mr. Obama himself been insulting our laws, our country, and our history ever since he set foot on the road as a candidate?  Is it any wonder that foreigners now feel perfectly immune to repercussions if they do the same?

It is hard for me to believe that the numbers of Americans who voted this man and his cronies into power do not feel even the slightest measure of discomfort at hearing their own country torn down from the well of the Congress.  But, at the same time, I have to admit that it is merely a parroting by a stranger of what a great many Americans have done for many years.

We should not be surprised, I guess.

The Peanut Gallery Speaks

Woody Allen: First Vote for "Dictator Obama"

It is not surprising at all that an individual such as Woody Allen would make such a statement.

He is -- and has always been -- a perfect example of the elite left who disdains all who do not agree with his and his comrades' views.  I have never been able to get through more than perhaps the first 20 minutes or so of any Allen movie and have never  understood their attraction.  Yet, for the elite left, his movies are the most "intelligent," "high-minded," "extraordinary," and yadda-yadda, etc. "ever made."

Allen's statement is all too easy to understand.  As exemplified in Germany under Hitler, in Italy under Mussolini, in Haiti under Duvalier, and in countless other countries under countless other dictators, those who mindlessly and unquestioningly agree with and support dictatorships are always the ones who have an intense, dishonest desire to be "on top," "in control," and "in charge" -- supposedly because they "know best!"  Those are always the ones who merely want "power" to be able to do as they wish, whatever that may be.  Their dishonest and base evil mentality is always reflected in their immediate desire to silence others and deny the same rights they enjoy to any who disagree with them.

It appears that Allen clearly sees that his possible resurgence, his potential future as a powerful film maker would be limitless as a fawning sycophantic supporter of an Obama "Regime," in the same way Leni Riefenstahl, Hitler's film maker, glorified the reign of that particular madman and acquired great power for herself (at least for a while).  I would not at all be surprised if she was Allen's "hero."

Regardless of the above, because of our Bill of Rights, our Constitution and our adherence to the Rule of American Law, Allen and his kind cannot and should not be stopped from spouting idiocies and stupidities.  The rest of us, however, can, should and must speak loudly and emphatically against him and his comrades.

We must maintain our voices just as loudly and just as clearly as the left.  As in the current battles about immigration, school text books, government spending and takeovers, we must not allow ourselves to be intimidated or browbeaten into silence.  To allow that to happen would be to pave the very path desired by Allen and his ilk -- directly to a dictatorship.

Once we allow our freedom of speech to be destroyed, our Country is destroyed as well.
We must steadfastly support, speak for, and represent our Country and our Constitution and our Bill of Rights always.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I very much doubt that when Neil Diamond sang Arizona there was anyone in the country who would have imagined the outrageous events that have recently occurred because of that state's legal actions.

One of the very best things about our Country is Freedom of Speech which protects every citizen's right to protest, yell, jump up and down, march, wave signs around, and all around complain vociferously about our government's actions or inaction, as the case may be.

So far, so good.  Nothing about that inherent, inalienable right should be changed.  I pray to God nothing ever causes that right to be abridged.

However!  There are limits to protests, regardless of the inalienable rights afforded all American citizens and legal residents by our Constitution.

One of those limits has been breached most egregiously by the inane actions of the City of Los Angeles.  They, and others of the liberal ilk, have essentially declared economic war on the state of Arizona.  Why?  For the simple reason that Arizona passed a law requiring and reiterating that Federal Laws regarding legal immigration be adhered to.

How outrageous!  How outlandish that a state is being threatened by other localities for not only following but enhancing long-standing, existing Federal Law!  How incredible that a state should threaten another state, that elected officials in Congress should take to the airwaves to denigrate Arizona for following Federal Law.

Come to think of it, there's really nothing so incredible about it.  It is, merely, just one more example of the liberal perspective of "anything goes" . . . as long as the advantage is theirs and supports their ultimate agenda.

The liberals in Los Angeles and a few other places throughout the country are up at arms in reaction to Arizona's immigration law which merely requires LEGAL immigrants to be able to prove LEGAL RESIDENCY should they be stopped for LEGAL REASONS.

For those of you who are not up on these kinds of things, here's the "Cliff Notes" version of LEGAL immigration procedure.

A foreigner (anyone born in a country other than the United States, in simple terms) who wishes to come to this country will apply for a  document called a "visa."  This document can be issued as a "student visa" or as a "tourist visa."  Both types have specific lengths of time during which they are in effect.  It is (or, at least used to be) the responsibility of government agencies to ensure that neither type of foreigner overstays the length of the visa. 

No matter the length, in general, one always had the option of applying for extensions upon providing proof of the reason for requesting the extension, for example, more classes needed or the tourist did not get to go to the Grand Canyon on a mule.

Government entities (formerly the INS, currently ICE, for example) have the responsibility to ensure that all visas are monitored and remain in compliance.  Those same entities, upon determining that a visa holder was out of compliance, have the responsibility to locate and then send the foreigner home.

This, by the way, is standard operating procedure for all countries of the world.  Some handle the process a bit more nicely and courteously than others . . . compare, say, England's procedure to Iran's.

All foreigners, once they enter our country LEGALLY, always have the option to apply for permanent LEGAL residency.  There are various ways to do this, depending on situations and the countries from which the foreigners come.  All ways end in the foreigner being issued appropriate documentation of LEGAL residency:  the "green card."

Existing laws also require that LEGAL residents always carry their "green cards," in the same way that AMERICAN CITIZENS are always required to carry identification.  See how that works?  American citizens carry ID, Legal Residents carry ID.  Simple.

What, may I ask, is either "discriminatory" or "racist" about that?

I will NOT accept the response that "brown" people will be more subject to questioning than non-brown people because of the Arizona law!  That is a ridiculous and racist comment in and of itself.  It is merely a way for the left to browbeat any opposition into silence by the threat of being branded "racist."  (Clearly, that threat has worked for years, why would they stop now?  It got Mr. Obama elected, didn't it?) 

Common sense states that if "brown" people of any background commit more illegal acts than others that bring them to the attention of authorities, then of course they will be more subject to questioning!  However, one must never try to insert logic into any liberal methods; it just does not compute.

In even more simple terms, for those who refuse to accept facts:  If an ILLEGAL alien commits a crime of any kind, from running a red light to acting as a drug mule, that is already breaking our law.  At the point of contact with police authorities, the authorities can and should require proof of LEGAL RESIDENCY for any reason that causes suspicion, such as, for example, a number of individuals in a car or van, driving late at night on a back road, none of whom can speak a syllable of English.

How difficult is that concept?

To listen to the liberals and our esteemed Mr. Obama, however, the law does nothing less than allow jackbooted thugs to invade ice-cream parlors in order to drag any "brown" individual (and their poor, innocent child, of course!) kicking and screaming to the nearest gulag!

Why are reasonable, thinking Americans so hesitant to label that claim stupid and absurd?

Worse than the above idiocy is the reaction of many Republicans who have started to scramble desperately to justify their mild and timid support for the law.  That is not the manner in which such outrageously stupid assertions should be responded to. We need strong legislators who will not fold at the first sign of protest from the left.  We need legislators who will stand true to America, our laws, and our Constitution in everything and NOT allow themselves to be browbeaten into weak submission because of the illogical, inaccurate (lies) rantings of a loud and obnoxious group.

This has got to stop!  We, Americans, must realize that "open borders" is merely the fast track to complete destruction of our heritage, our history, and our identity as AMERICANS.

Mexicans should no more be excused from meeting the requirements of this law than should Haitians (many of whom have "brown" skin), West Indians in general (--ditto--), Hindus (--ditto--) and countless other nationalities who fall under the "brown" category.

My family and I emigrated from the West Indies over 40 years ago.  We followed the rules and requirements of LEGAL entry into this country as was required of all who hoped to enter at the time.  Our entire family came, even though my Dad had to wait an additional year before he was able to join the rest of the family.  We spent over 35 years carrying our "green card" with us at all times, and were proud to present it to any who requested it, because we were proud LEGAL residents.

Was that discriminatory or "racist" because some of my family are "brown," others are "black," and still others in my family are almost "white"?

No, it was not!

The premise is really simple:  there are rules and laws in place that are to be followed by ALL immigrants to this country.  Once in this country, there are rules and regulations applicable to ALL immigrants that must also be followed.

Why on earth would we want to welcome a group of people -- no matter what their skin color -- who prove even before coming into the country that they have no regard for our laws?

More insane is the thought that there are elected officials, sworn to uphold the laws of this country, who are actively aiding and abetting the breaking of laws.  Mr. Xavier Bacerra, among others, has been on national TV ranting and raving about the "dangers" of following Federal Law.  I have to wonder if he ever accepted, truly accepted, the oath he took as a Representative of the US House of Representatives to support and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America -- as opposed to the Mexican states.

Additional insanity is added to the mix by the rantings of the so-called history "professor" who stands in front of a group of students and clearly incites his listeners to overthrow our government!  I doubt that "speech" got much airtime, though.  Our esteemed liberal media outlets are much too busy chasing seniors at T. E. A. Parties to report on this event!

On top of  this unsightly heap of stupidity (just for the moment, I'm sure) is the gall of the Chicago-area High school administrators' choice to punish the girls' basketball team by forbidding them to attend a tournament which they earned through their own hard work and dedication -- because the tournament is held in Arizona.

I suppose nothing is too important not to be sacrificed at the altar of liberalism!

Does anyone else not see the outrageousness of a school's making a blatant political statement at the cost of the students they are there to teach, support, and guide?

Does anyone else not see the blatant stupidity of our elected officials' refusing to tell the truth about legislation, strictly because of their own political agenda?

It is past time to say: Enough, already! 

We who are honest, sincere, hardworking Americans must stand up to these people and emphatically refuse to accept their lies, misrepresentations, and their agenda -- no matter who they are.

Mrs. Obama and the Nanny-ization of the Country

Every First Lady in American history has had their "thing to do," from "Just Say No" to literacy campaigns.
None of those activities, however, has ever been so intrusive into the entire country's personal life as the intent of Mrs. Obama's stated mission to "fix" childhood obesity -- under the typical liberal guise of "protecting" the children.

Is Mrs. Obama going to work directly with parents -- adults -- to try to provide them resources and information (as if there weren't enough out there  already!) to help PARENTS determine what best to feed their children?

Of course not!  That would be much too sensible.

The process, of course, will require targeting and demonizing the food industry in general.  The intent is to make the entire food industry the cause of children's obesity, while, as always, forgetting (or ignoring, as is always the liberal case) the true reasons children are obese in the first place!

True and Accurate Reasons Children are Obese

  • Children get no exercise anymore, neither at school nor at home.  They are driven to school, no matter what age they are, they are driven to the mall to 'hang out, they are driven to activities on a schedule.

  • There is no more physical education class in a great number of schools.  Schools have regularly chosen to cut phys. ed. classes out of the curriculum when trying to supposedly balance their budgets.  However, let's ignore the fact they are perpetually claiming never to have enough money, yet the various state lotteries were justified because the proceeds were targeted to support education.

Regardless of the above and any others Mrs. Obama may invent to justify her new experiment, the primary reason children are obese is the following:
  • Parents have long rescinded their responsibility as parents to say, among many other things, "No, you can't have another cheeseburger for dinner."  Parents have long used fast food as a quick-n-easy way to feed their families because it is convenient, does not interfere with their own activities and schedules too much, and meets the minimum parental responsibility to feed one's own children.
  • Parents are the most responsible for the state of their children.  It is parents who allow their children to eat what they will.  It is parents who provide the funds for their children to purchase the so-called "bad" foods.
That, Mrs. Obama, is the fundamental reason for childhood obesity, NOT the food industry from which you have financially profited so much.

Attempting to take over yet another aspect of our free market through this typically underhanded, back-door, deceitful manner is just another step on the liberal march to take over our Country in all areas imaginable.

Parents must STOP allowing the liberal guilt-mongering to facilitate their further abdication of their parental duties and responsibilities.  Parents must tell the government "No!  I can decide for myself what my child will or will not eat -- including at school."


One of the primary things I noticed in the past year is that not only is our current administration not listening to the voice of the majority of the people in general, it is not allowing American citizens to have the opportunity to even contact the Representatives of the People.

It started during the so-called "health care/health insurance reform debate."  Representatives of the Democratic persuasion started to restrict e-mail access to their constituents only.  Understandable, to an extent.  I am sure they all receive an immense number of e-mails regularly. 

However, it is unconscionable that they restrict access to them only to their immediate constituents at all times.  This reflects their choice to ignore the simple fact that their actions very often affect many more Americans than just their immediate constituents.

When it comes to "reform" legislation such as "healthcare/insurance," "cap-and-trade," and now immigration "reform," ALL Americans are affected by ALL representatives' votes.

This factor alone demands that they hear comments and opinions from all Americans.  They must take responsibility for their votes and accept that their constituencies go far beyond the borders of their districts when it comes to such wide ranging legislation.

I attempted to contact Congressman Xavier Becerra  to comment on his position vis-a-vis the outrageous boycott of Arizona, but the gentleman's "E-mail Congressman Becerra" link does not allow anyone outside California to e-mail.

When are these elected representatives of the people realize that they work for all of us?  When their decisions, actions, opinions, and behavior affect all Americans, then they work for all Americans.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

President Teddy Roosevelt on Immigration

President Teddy Roosevelt was very strong, and very prophetic in his words. We must ensure they are known today as well.

The year is 1907, one hundred and 3 years ago.

Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American ...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag ... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Theodore Roosevelt 1907


These words and thoughts are timeless.  Over 100 years later, these words are even more relevant to what is happening in our country today than they ever were before.

This country has been made up of immigrants from its inception, including the visits by Cristobal Colon.  The immigration laws in place in this country are neither bigoted nor racist as some activists with specific political agenda have alleged.  The existing immigration laws are there to protect our country and to ensure that all who come here are able to become citizens because of a sincere love for this country -- after having been legal residents for the required length of time.

I am proud to say I became an American citizen after over 40 years' residence as a LEGAL immigrant.  Every immigrant who comes here LEGALLY proves their intent and desire to follow our laws and support our country.  Why should the laws not be followed by everyone?

It is revolting and repugnant for Mr. Obama, as the current President of the United States, to impugn the integrity of the entire law enforcement community, as well as the entire legislature of a state.  His and the liberal left's claims that enforcement of federal and state immigration laws will supposedly allow his imaginary jackbooted agents to drag any immigrant and his children from an ice cream shop to subject them to interrogation are absurd, disgusting, and frankly of grave concern, when one considers who is expressing these views.

It is the horrendous and disgusting perspective, exemplified by Mr. Obama's comments, perpetuated by the liberals, which have caused this country to come to this difficult pass.

It is time for Americans to stand up for the truth.  We who are reasonable people -- thankfully, still the greater majority of Americans -- must respend, must set the record straight, and must not allow the misrepresentations and lies to continue, even if the lies and misrepresentations are perpetrated by the man holding the highest and most important office in the land.

It is imperative that our country's laws be followed by, and applied to, ALL who wish to come here, as long as they wish to meld and assimilate into our Country, support our Constitution, and not expect some special considerations not afforded to the millions of others who wish to come to our country.