Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Choice Has Been Made, So . . .

Under the headline, “Racists React to Obama Victory”several examples are given of “racists” reacting to the election of Mr. Obama (/political-machine/bloggers/david-knowles//political-machine/bloggers/david-knowles/ by David Knowles, Nov 13th 2008 9:40AM, Filed Under:eRepublicans, Barack Obama, Featured Stories, Crime, Race).

It must be admitted, however, that for as many examples of "racist" comments there are several comments that simply demand either that we “get over it and move along,” or that we “just celebrate the history and move along” or that we accept that this was “the best thing to do, and move along” or who even concede that Mr. Obama is unqualified, but voted for him because he would be “historical.”

So now we should just move along and stop making an issue of it ...? Making an issue of what, though? The question causing the issue remains.

To those who did vote for him we ask, “Why this choice?” and the Debate continues.

The answers to that question are really very simple. The majority of We the People elected one of the most unqualified individuals to the highest office of the land...

Because . . .

He made promises that attracted those who feel the government is their Mother, Father, Caregiver, and Fairy Godmother all wrapped in one. Unfortunately for the country, that turned out to be a majority.

He said that he would *take* from the "rich" to *give* to the "poor."

He essentially said that he would do whatever it takes to avoid confrontations with the enemies of this country.

He said that he feels we "owe" the countries of the world; that "giving" those countries whatever they ask or demand, whether they are our friends or enemies, would get them to "like" us more.

He is "different" from other presidents, though the only difference between him and the other liberal democrats who ran is his color, which we're not supposed to mention, and his gender in one comparitive case.

He promised “change” though what type of “change” has yet to be made clear and was not delved into at all by the so-called "mainstream media."

There is a significant population of Americans who consider themselves to be “enlightened,” “open-minded,” and “forward-thinking” – making, I suppose, the rest of us who do not agree just the opposite. They, of course, had no choice but to vote for Mr. Obama, regardless of any other factors.

Those who voted for Mr. Obama did not listen to his campaign speeches with their brains, skepticism, and pragmatism but rather just to the oratory used to attract supporters and ultimately fulfill his ambition (well described in his books).

The population who supported him provided him the financial means to purchase the commodity for which he was shopping, the Presidency of the United States of America.

And yes, finally, because he is black and therefore an “historic” candidate who had to be elected regardless of any other considerations.

What it comes down to, to me, anyway, is that the “dummying down” of America that started in schools at least two generations ago has made it to the White House. The purposeful (no doubt thoughtfully considered, by some) choice and election of a most unqualified individual, primarily on the basis of the color of his skin, takes affirmative action and reverse discrimination to an extraordinary level.

The debate will doubtless continue ad infinitum.

Please remember: Should Mr. Obama's responses to the myriad "supporters" (ACORN,, et al) who bought this position for him not be to their satisfaction, we shall all feel the repercussions of their ire.

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