Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One Last Message to the "Undecideds" . . . and those considering Mr. Obama

I would not vote for Mr. Obama if there was a gun held to my head.The truth of it is . . . a gun is being held to our heads to force us to vote for him.

Some of the most obvious bullets in the gun are:

• Fear of being considered “racist.”

• Fear of being considered “selfish.”

• Fear of being considered “unpatriotic.”

I, for one, know that I am not racist – I am black, born in a foreign country, a naturalized citizen because of the unwarranted and hateful attacks on the United States on 09/11/01. It is not racist to be against a candidate who happens to be black because I do not believe he is qualified or worthy to be President.

I, for one, know that I am not selfish – I give whatever I can with those less fortunate as often as I can. It is not selfish to want to keep the greater portion of the wealth I may accumulate through my own hard work and efforts.

I, for one, know that I am not unpatriotic – I love this country, am proud of this country, and pay the taxes legally and correctly imposed by our government in order to meet the legal requirements of our country. It is not unpatriotic to not want to be taxed into oblivion to fulfill the desires of a man whose main focus is not the country as a whole.

It is hardly a step away from evil to use the worst elements of human denigration in order to achieve one’s desires. Mr. Obama has consistently utilized the worst aspects of humanity in order to achieve his goals. Mr. Obama and his people have continuously degraded other candidates to high office (Sarah Palin and her family), personally attacked and attempted to intimidate individuals (Joe Wurzelbacher), and threatened the rest of the citizens with dire reprisals should we not support him ("we'll see what will happen!").

Mr. Obama has not proven the worthiness of character or ideals or philosophy to be voted into the highest office our great country has to offer. On the contrary, he has consistently proven that he has the lowest regard for our great country and her people anyone could possibly have. Only our openly declared enemies have less regard.

He has never loudly and emphatically repudiated the dangerous elements that created him, nor has he removed himself from the mentality that will inevitably lead to the destruction of our country as we know it.

If one loves this country, is proud of being a citizen of this country – without needing to reach the office of “first lady” in order to feel that pride, there is only one way to vote today.

There is only one candidate who will maintain the integrity, pride of country, and be true to the goals of our great nation: Senator John McCain.

Place your vote to support, aid, and ensure the future of our country.

Copyright, MCzwz, All Rights Reserved. Originally posted on on 11/04/2008, Election Day.

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