Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who are the "Elite"?

For whatever reasons, this question is being bandied about on the news networks. Why? And, who are the “elite?”

I think the reason this is being thrown about at this particular moment is to once again throw a red herring into the discussions of who is best qualified to lead this country.

In an effort to paint him as an "elitist," Senator McCain has been disparaged and insulted for supposedly owning more houses than he is apparently aware of. Let’s forget that the truth is that the homes belong to his wife who inherited them from her father and have nothing to do with Senator McCain.

Also ignored is the fact that Mrs. McCain’s family owns an extremely lucrative Budweiser beer distributorship which her father and grandfather made into successful enterprises through their own hard work.

Had they been in the process of growing their distributorship under Mr. Obama’s tax plans, it is impossible to imagine that the concern would have become anywhere near as successful as it did over the years.

If it was up to Mr. Obama, Mrs. McCain’s family’s hard earned dollars would have been taken from them in order to spread the wealth as Mr. Obama has declared he wishes to do with everyone’s hard earned money.

This mentality begs the question . . . why should anyone take anyone else’s hard earned money to spread it around to others?

Well, you see . . . that’s what the “elite” do. They feel they know better for you in every possible way. They know better for you where to go to school, what clothes to wear, what foods to eat, and most of all . . . what should be done with your money.

Joe Wurzelbacher has had a great taste of the “elite” in recent weeks, starting with Mr. Obama’s inadvertently honest comment that he will spread the wealth that Mr. Wurzelbacher may acquire so that everyone has some, too. The elite claim to know better than Mr. Wurzelbacher what he should do with his money, should he happen to have any left after "sharing."

The “elite” claim to “understand” how the average person lives. They claim to “feel” what we go through as we try to determine which Peter to rob in order to pay which Paul. They claim to understand us better than we understand ourselves.

They are the “elite.”

I strongly, fiercely and emphatically beg to differ with their assertions. How in the world can one who has “lived” the majority of their lives in the Ivory Towers of academia or the star-studded, glossy world of the “entertainment” industry possibly understand how We the People feel?

They cannot. They do not. They merely wish to expand the control they feel they “deserve” to have because they supposedly “care” so very much. They already have too much control over We the People’s lives as it is: highly influenced, and controlled as much of life is, to a great extent, by “celebrity” talk show hosts, “movie stars,” and “rock stars.”

Now they are working very hard to influence We the People's choice of President. They have imbued Mr. Obama with a gloss that glares very hard when one attempts to examine the realities behind it.

Why is many of us are all so eager to be influenced by that type of "elite" and use the same term to denigrate another, less "glossy" model?

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