Saturday, March 7, 2009

And to the Republic for Which it Stands . . .

History repeats itself and has done so many times throughout the world's history.

We the People of the United States of America are at a crossroads. We are on the point of a needle and the balancing act is getting almost impossible to sustain. We are on the verge of allowing history -- not even our own history -- but the history of centuries' old countries to repeat itself. Instead of looking at the world's history for knowledge and understanding, those who have touted "change" as their way of deception are on the point of bringing back the worst elements of world governments, while attempting to destroy what has taken centuries to create as the light of the New World.

At the rate our "government of change" is going, our government will ultimately be obliterated from the face of the earth and we will once again be merely one of hundreds of countries in the world to have been ruled by despots.

The greater majority of our elected officials have clearly forgotten their history lessons. The greater majority of those who voted for "change" and nothing more in November 2008, should do themselves the favor of taking a refresher in not only world history, but in the history of our (soon to be formerly?) great country.

All Americans who love and appreciate this country for what it was meant to be . . . and who want to keep her to that intent should watch this video, and spread it far and wide. Hopefully, many of those deluded by the "change" mongers will come to understand and see the inherent dangers of that with which they are tempted.


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