Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Change . . . I Did Not Vote For

More "change" towards supposed "liberal" ways of doing things, always touted as 'open-minded,' 'accepting,' 'generous,' and 'broadminded,' remember?

The 'liberals' and the democrats have built their entire careers, their entire lives on the supposed premise they claim to represent: that they alone believe in, and support, civil rights for all.

The number of We the People included in this particular for all, when expressed by a liberal, greatly shrinks in number. It always becomes clearer and clearer, when those of different and/or opposite points of view wish to exercise their right of Freedom of Speech, that the so-called right extends only to those who are considered to be right-thinking.

Apparently, not too many of We the People are included in this right-thinking group to whom certain inalienable rights are bestowed, especially, it appears, when it comes to Freedom of Speech.

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College accused of religious discrimination
Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 3/2/2009 6:00:00 AM

The Alliance Defense Fund has filed a federal lawsuit against Broome Community College in New York for violating a church's First Amendment rights.

Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) attorney Daniel Blomberg explains that his client North Pointe Church had been holding meetings on the college campus for several months.

"The college kicked them out and they are a religious organization. That's it," he explains. "They have a policy that says we don't allow churches to meet here, so we're not letting you meet here."

Blomberg believes the policy clashes with the constitution because college officials have a different policy towards non-religious groups. "They rent their facilities out regularly to all sorts of groups. They advertise as a great place to bring your conference or meeting, trade show," he notes, "and then when a church comes to hold a service, they kick them out."

ADF tried to settle the case without a lawsuit, but could never get a response from school officials.

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