Sunday, April 26, 2009

Access to Education is Only for Some?

One has to wonder . . . why is it "fair," in the lexicon of some, that children who have not had the opportunities to attend "good" schools before, but were able to do so through the school voucher program are suddenly precluded from doing so?

Under the auspices of the very ones who claim to care so much about "children," "education," and "our future" a large group of children are now prohibited from attending "better" schools through the destruction of the very program that was to have helped.

Is this really the "change" people who voted for Mr. Obama last year thought they were getting? I do not believe anyone who voted for Mr. Obama really thought he would go this far . . . though it was clear in his words, his expressed philosophies, and his own history that this was his (and his cohorts') ultimate goal.

I am sure many of you will agree that education and helping young people get ready, through acquiring knowledge and education, to face the future and to better themselves is not a political issue -- at least, it should not be.

It has, however, become exactly that, more than ever before: a thoroughly political issue.

The destruction of the voucher program is just that: destroying the opportunity for a group of folks who were to be the very ones helped, supported, and ultimately built up through access to greater educational options.

Those who are sincere in wanting to keep our country true to its founding principles and intent must work to stop such insidious "change."

This type of "change" is not good for our country now or in the future.

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