Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Republicans have shown themselves to be disappointly malleable and insubstantial, much to the disgust and fear of those of us who are Conservative.

There are, in spite of (hopeful) claims to the contrary, plenty of Conservatives and Republicans left -- thank God.

All we have to do is get ourselves back on our feet and start to fend of the wild liberalism that has been voted into our government.

The GOP response budget was cobbled together pretty much at the last minute to show there was a GOP "alternative" in response to liberals' accusations of presenting no ideas.

That is not the way to go about presenting alternative ideas.

We the People who fear what this is bringing on must pull ourselves together, fight down our fears and fight for the good and the future of our country.

We must work hard to field strong candidates locally, statewide, and nationally to put the reins on this unbridled liberalism threatening out country.

Do we really want our entire country to replicate Calififornia, Washington State, and Oregon at best and San Francisco at worst?

If the answer to that is the resounding "NO!" I hope it is throughout the Conservative and Republican core of our Country, then we must stop feeling sorry for ourselves, stop blaming President Bush (because there was a Congress passing laws then, too) and start taking responsibility for ourselves as We the People and make the necessary changes in our leadership the next opportunity we have: 2010.