Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Just Do It!"

From a very astute American:

Every responsible health care suggestion put forth over the last 20 years has been shot down by Democrats because they are not political solutions, i.e., they actually improve the situation for Americans, but they don’t pay off supporters or create a new, reliable voting block.
 On the other hand, every single Democratic bill or plan isn’t a practical or logical solution. Theirs are political solutions.

The mis-named “Stimulus Plan” was a perfect example. It wasn’t designed to “stimulate” anything, which is why it did not. It was a political bill packed with paybacks to special interest groups, and bribes for future votes. We are talking about a ¾ trillion-dollar waste of taxpayers’ money.

What an unimaginable waste of the citizens’ trust!

I can only conclude that those who are insisting that the Democrats “do something” are non-taxpayers who have visions, [as promised by Mr. Obama] of free medical care, [free housing, free cars, free everything] dancing in their heads. Everyone else, except for the members of Congress, the UAW, [the NEA, and the unions in general], all of who are interestingly and strangely exempt from the bill’s provisions, will get absolutely shafted if the Democrats “do” anything.

Responsible stewardship is nowhere to be seen from [the] party in power. Their supporters sound alarmingly like a “Nike©” commercial – “Just do it!”


I regret I cannot give proper attribution to the above; it was an anonymous post on USA Today. The commentary is simple, straightforward, and clear in its message. We should hope and pray for the same measure of directness and honesty from our selected representatives in Washington!

The more we have seen and heard of the various “plans” being batted about, the more fear has grown throughout the population. True, those of us who are most fearful of what may be finally concocted by the current administration, and possibly imposed on us despite our protests and refusals, are those of us who know that the price will be placed directly at our feet: increased taxes to pay for services we do not want, and reduced access to the type of coverage we may want for ourselves.

Despite these very real concerns from a great number of the population, those who did not vote for Mr. Obama, now being augmented by many who did vote for him for the wrong reasons, the current administration still appears to be bent on utilizing “just do it” as a reason to push these plans on us all.

All of these behaviors on the part of our selected officials lead to one thought: who do they think they are? On what basis do they feel they truly know what is best for us, despite our protests? When did our Republic transform itself into a pseudo-dictatorship?

My answer:

They think that they received a mandate to rule by their electoral win on 11/04/08.

They think they have been given carte blanche to impose whatever they wish because supposedly “everyone” is behind them.

They want to believe that the 47% of the population that did not vote for them were merely “wrong, and did not realize what they were doing.” Those fantasies are the only manner in which they are able to continue to operate in the manner in which they have been, despite strong evidence to the contrary.

We the People have the opportunity to “respectfully disagree” with them in 2010. I truly hope that the majority take that opportunity to heart.

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