Thursday, May 27, 2010

Repeating the Mistakes of the Past

Please note the year and source of the cartoon below.  The similarities to today's political situation are shocking. Every single item depicted and deplored in the political commentary below is applicable today. 

If one did not know the year of the original cartoon, one would immediately think it is a very contemporary representation of life and politics today, in 2010.  Sadly, frighteningly, it is just as accurate today as it was in 1934. 

One would think that 76 years later, We the People would have learned by now that liberalism is wrong, it is evil, and it does not work!

Cartoon from 1934  Chicago Tribune

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
~George Santayana, The Life of Reason, Volume 1, 1905

Clearly, the lessons of the past, unbridled government spending, increasing deficits, government control and attempts to destroy our Constitution. Our Country survived the previous attempts to destroy our history, our Country, our Constitution, and our future . . .

We must ensure that we survive the current attempts to destroy us as a Country.  Our last chance, I truly feel and fear, is November, 2010.

This is our last chance to fight against the machine from Chicago that is working intensely to bring every single liberal dream on their decades long wish list to fruition, regardless of the ever-growing mountain of evidence that the majority of the American people have never wanted their brand of "governance" -- not then, and not now.

This is our last chance to tell the liberal machines that our Country is a Republic, a country of laws, with a Constitution and a Bill of Rights applicable to all American citizens (and legal residents). 

This is our last chance to show the liberal machines that we do love and are proud of our Country and our History as it is, warts and ugliness and all.  We must emphatically reject the culture of the left that requires a wholesale and dishonest revision of who we are as a Country and as Americans.

This is our last chance to leave a legacy of truth to the next generations of Americans and show them how we survived as pilgrims, as daring adventurers forging routes into wild, unknown territories, as slaves and slave owners (parts of every country's history), as warriors in a Civil War, and our arrival as a whole country with a common history and a common foundation of Truths that we believe.

This is our last chance to retain and maintain our Sovereignty as a Country, without submitting to the yoke of "global governance" so desired by the liberals for some unfathomable reason.  We are not a colony in a "global" liberal, European-controlled world.

It would appear that there are enough reasons to look "over there" and decide that we Americans do not want or need to be "like them."  There are infinite reasons to reject the demands of the left that we submit to the will of the Europeans, from the cultural problems they have created for themselves to the economic problems they are trying to completely blame on America.

Lord knows, we've made enough economic mistakes ourselves, thanks in no small part to the influence, control, and demands of the liberals in our own Congress.  We certainly do not need to be additionally "guided" by the failed policies of the Europeans.

We are Americans.  We have been since the inception and creation of this country.  We have maintained our identity and independence as a country for 234 years!  We cannot allow 4 short years of an extremely liberal administration to destroy everything our Country has worked for, bled for, and died to achieve.

We must stop the liberal, European-influenced machine from completely destroying everything Americans have worked so very hard for so very long to achieve.

We must not allow America to go the way of Europe!

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