Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Honest Protests?

Honest Protest?
This is the face of the protesters against the Arizona immigration law!  Threats to shoot policemen, extraordinarily unreasonable and completely unrealistic demands, unhesitating breaking of federal laws . . .

And T.E.A. Movement activists were called "terrorists?"

As an immigrant, now a proud naturalized American, I must ask these folks:  Where in heaven do they think they are "owed" anything from anyone?

Their behavior is an insult to all honest immigrants who came to this country legally, who worked hard for years, who made their way to the point they considered "success" for themselves and for their families.  On what possible earthly basis do they place their demands for "free" anything?

I find their demands repugnant.  Not only do they break this country's laws by coming here illegally in the first place, but on top of that breach, they have the nerve to make outrageous demands for things that even natural born Americans do not have.

On what basis on earth do they think they deserve to be "given" all those "free" things they demand?  How on earth do they think they are "owed" those things?

It is outrageous!

Worse, we have a government pandering to these extortionist demands.  President Bush had his part in it, along with Senator McCain, with their attempts in passing "amnesty," instead of enforcing established federal laws.  It is no wonder, then, that the group currently in Washington would want to merely expand on that premise to the extreme -- open the gates, disregard our own laws, let the voting blocks in!

I would say to the Mexicans in Arizona, California, and elsewhere that they should just stop their stupidity.  They are not owed a thing by this country.  If they had chosen to come to America just as millions of other immigrants chose to come here -- legally, as opposed to sneaking across the border, they would easily access all options to be successful in their lives. 

As legal aliens, they would have had the same options as all other legal immigrants who came here: follow the laws of this country, pursue happiness, and achieve whatever measure of success your own efforts and hard work permit.  Whatever they desire for themselves they can work for and attain through the sweat of their brow, just as millions upon millions of immigrants have before them.

They are "owed" no more than the opportunity, just like everyone else in this country.

If they are incapable of legally achieving what they desire here, there is an entire world out there from which they can choose to try to be successful: Cuba, for instance, or Jamaica, or Iran, or Haiti ...  or, dare we even suggest it . . . Mexico?

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