Sunday, June 17, 2012

We MUST NOT Allow These Zombies to Control America's Future

Back in the presidential election season of 2006-2008 (that's the length of Obama's campaign for president), there were many, many voices trying to get out to warn American voters to seek the truth about that startling new candidate, Barack Obama.

Those voices were drowned out, derided, insulted, and attempts were made to try to "legally" shut down their First Amendment rights.  Much of that activity was conducted primarily by the so-called "mainstream media" who claimed then, and now, to know better than any of us for whom we should vote, what we should think, say, and do vis-a-vis the candidates and the election (not to mention everything else in life, for that matter).

Those "media" voices were targeted towards those they saw as the primary supporters of their candidate: the youthful voter with the stars of liberalism shining so brightly in their eyes they were unable to see anything else.  Tell me, who else could possibly consider Jon Stewart's program as "real news"?? 

Those of us who grew up with Saturday Night Live's Chevy Chase reporting the "news" can't possibly believe there are really and truly so many gullible people out there . . . but, there are and they unfortunately vote:  The Real Obama Supporters.

These are the ones who brought Obama to the White House, not alone, of course -- there were, at the time, hardly enough of them to carry an election by themselves.   They were, unfortunately, aided by too, too many who should -- and probably did -- know better than to vote for that man.

I can only hope that the "real Obama supporters" have 1) gotten themselves informed: a possibility when one considers the drop in viewership and revenue to the "top 3" mainstream networks; 2) grown up: doubtful, since too many are so eager to continue to live off (mooch off) their parents, the taxpayers, and anyone else they can bamboozle into being responsible for them; or 3) burned their voter registration cards: which may not matter, considering the push to allow anyone in the country to vote in all elections, regardless of citizenship.

Personally, I hope for none of the above -- anyone who could have voted for this man in the first place has little to no hope of redemption if they are still "supporters" at this point in time.  It is no surprise that the Hollywood crowd is still incredibly vocal in their support . . . their own livelihoods depend on a public willing to pay good money to watch whatever kind of stupidity, idiocy, or brain dead production they deem "good enough" for us to watch.  They count on the same kind of public that Obama supporters are -- brain dead.

The political, emotional, philosophical, and physical civil union between politics and Hollywood was consummated in the campaign leading to the November 1959 voting which resulted in the election of JFK: the Hollywood, "news" media, and even mafia favorite (if one believes the stories of the time).

That constituency is out in force this year, again, though it leaves one's brain boggled to think that people out there are actually getting voting guidance from Sarah Jessica Parker!  (Interesting, even with these "powerhouse" supporters, Obama does not seem close to raising the vaunted "billion" he demanded at the start of the year! . . . A sign of the his times, perhaps?)

We -- the loyal to the United States of America opposition -- must make sure this year that the voices that pushed Obama into the Winner's Circle in November 2008 do not achieve the same this year.  The stakes are incredibly high -- whether the United States of America has even a slight chance of returning to its former greatness, or whether our country continues its not so slow deterioration into a less than third rate country.

Our Vote.  Our Choice.  Pray and Vote.

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