Friday, July 27, 2012

OK, Don't Want to Play? Just Shut Down Your Business

In recent days we've had the ongoing argument of whether a speech played practically in its entirety is "in context." 

With the well-known liberal habit of parsing, splitting frog's hairs, and debating the meaning of the word "is," we are now debating whether Mr. Obama actually said what he said and in what supposed context he said it -- or didn't say it.

I was sitting right here in front of the tube and watched the the whole darned speech, and as in many cases with liberals, I am going to choose to believe what my lyin' eyes and ears saw and heard -- not what liberals tell me I saw and heard.

We've also heard a lot about the so-called "health-care bill," and a slew of stuff about what it is, what it is not, what it will do, and what it will not do.

Based on my experience with my own lyin' eyes and ears these past 3+ years, I tend to believe there is no way that "health-care" bill has anything to do with "health care" other than just taking over the system and achieving the long-held liberal goal of  "universal health care."  Taken at Obama's word, the so-called "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" has nothing to do with bringing down the cost to make anything "affordable," but, as any thinking person has known since 2009, everything to do with pulling every citizen ever more completely under the total control of the government in every aspect of their lives.

There has been constant denial by the government -- of course -- that its goal is any such thing.  (Here again, who ya gonna believe?)

We've also been told that the health care bill will be a boon to mankind, ensuring that every citizen will have "coverage," and that no one will have to take the chance of having a leg cut off just because the surgeon wants to get more money from the insurance company; that no one will lose their doctor if one likes their doctor (strange how my 84 year old Mom has already lost 3 doctors since 2009; they pulled out of Medicare); that the overall cost of health care will go down; and an unending, nauseating list of blatant lies.

The most glaring lie was made public recently by Kathleen Sibelius' recent dictate that all insurance policies must conform to government requirements, including giving abortion and birth control "services" in all employer-provided policies, regardless of personal, religious beliefs of the employer.

These are just the highlights, of course. 

But, let's summarize so far: the "health care" bill forces us to accept a government-approved level of "insurance," which will ultimately be provided by the government only;  we will not be able to keep our own doctor (not if they leave their careers, as a great number have said they will); and the millions more who are placed into the non-existent "exchanges," are somehow going to lessen the cost and burden on the industry as a whole . . .

All of this is just wonderful and totally hunky-dory, fine-n-dandy, right?  Right.  So far, so good.

Now, let's add yet another level of government control.  We are today witness to the complete removal of the mask from the face of our current "government."  Their intent has been made completely clear in their ultimate desire to dictate to us, the American people the what, how, when, where, and why of every aspect of our lives.

With the power created by and placed into the hands of the government specifically by this "Act," Kathleen Sibelius not only feels she can order citizens to breach their own religious beliefs by forcing them to pay for services that are anathema to their personal beliefs, she feels she can now tell a private corporation to either follow their dictates or to shut down.

This is beyond the head-shaking disbelief we've been experiencing these past 3 years.  This is the kind of government control, government dictatorship, and takeover of every individual that is -- or at least should be --  completely unacceptable in our world.

This idea would have been unthinkable a few years ago . . . maybe only 6 years ago.  In today's upside down world, however, it is hardly surprising that the government would say one thing while consciously knowing what they said is a lie.

The current administration is not only forcing all Americans to get their insurance coverage from one source (the government), student loans from one source (the government), home loans from one source (the government), but now we are going to be told by the government whether we can stay in business or not.

On what possible basis, constitutional or not (Justice Roberts notwithstanding), can this dictatorial régime feel it could once again try to force its demands on law-abiding, self-sufficient American citizens?

In what other country but a socialist one, can a government threaten, brow-beat, beat down a private company to force that company to either "accept" government orders or shut down

America: Wake Up!  Our Republic has almost completely disappeared. 
We are, for all intents and purposes, now living under a dictatorship.  For those who do not understand the actual meaning of the word -- without parsing hairs -- it means living under a government whose sole purpose is to control, dictate, impose its will upon, and force the populace to do exactly as that government wants -- regardless of the individual's desires.

In this type of government, the individual has no meaning.  The individual is nothing.  All that matters is the collective and the collective is composed only of those chosen by the régime.   Anyone with an "older" education should have recognized this government as 1984 come to life and been frightened since the start.

Religious beliefs do not matter, personal or individual preferences and desires do not matter.  This dictatorship is classic: nothing matters but "The Collective," and "The Government" when decisions and determinations are to be made for the worker by the government and we are not to question.

Well, guess what -- We the People say, nope, don't think so, no way.  We will NOT sit down and shut up and we will dare to fight back and we will not stop.

November 6, 2012 can't get here a minute too soon.  The life of our Republic depends on it.

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