Saturday, November 15, 2008


I just watched a news report on Mr. Obama’s “new” way of communicating with the populace.

Completely and totally gone are the well-known “Fireside Chats” of old, which had been remade into the President’s Weekly Radio Address in “modern” times. We are now going even beyond that level of “modern” . . . something like, post-modern?

The next level is taking us to “YouTube” that ubiquitous and annoying presence utilized primarily by today’s youth and many others, of course, to "express" themselves. Mr. Obama has gone completely digital and is apparently starting to fulfill his promise of “change," I guess.

Mr. Obama's new site, "" is touted as the venue through which the Obama government will communicate with the world. All sorts of items will be posted on the site and will allow the populace to communicate its ideas and suggestions to the Obama government. Additionally, the site is also the place to go to apply for jobs in the Obama-Biden administration, particularly transition jobs.

Are we to believe that in all these many, many, many years there is not one site, website, link or digitally accessible place to learn what jobs are available in any administration? I seem to remember something called “,” a site through which anyone could apply for government jobs, but, what do I know?

I also seem to remember something called “White” through which I, and many other citizens for quite a few years, have sent direct communications to the President, as well as having been kept up to date on what was occurring in the White House on a regular basis.

Taking this into account, that there already exists a direct digital communications link to the White House, how, then, is Mr. Obama’s “” so different and new?

It is reported that this is specifically a place to apply for jobs during the transition, but these positions have always been filled by direct appointment; they are usually recompense for financial and/or other support given during a successful campaign. I don't think this standard process will "change" despite the presence of the website.

It would appear to me that this is merely another example of how Mr. Obama’s “change” will come: recreate and repackage an existing element, present it under a “new and improved” guise, and once again count on the need and desire of his constituents to overlook the obvious…while We the People once again pay for another unnecessary item: a super-high tech website, webmaster, and all the other costs of the bells-n-whistles this will require.

On the whole the cost may admittedly even be considered inconsequential when compared to anticipated expenditures of this new government, but the question remains: why is it necessary? Is this the first example of the type of “change” we are to look forward to in an Obama Administration?

If we are to take this as an example of what the incoming administration has touted as “change we need” for the past two years’ of campaigning and promise-making, I would say many people will have to pause a moment and ask themselves, “what have we done?”

It appears that one of the most important aspects of the “transitional” website, as mentioned above, is to provide a portal through which interested parties can apply for positions to work in the transitional team and possibly be carried forward to long-term positions within the Obama government.

What would have been wrong or so difficult about revising/revamping/ changing the existing White House Website? All that would have been necessary would have been to add a new “Welcome” page to the existing White House site reflecting the information relevant to the transitional period. An entirely new, separate website seems much like an exaggerated effort to make a distinction between existing/"old," and incoming/"new."

The initial online employment application is fairly basic – more basic than any other I have encountered for much more low level positions (administrative support and secretarial, for example) for which I have applied in the past. I understand this portal is merely an information gathering source and that potential recruits will be interviewed in a more in-depth manner at the next level of recruitment – at least, one would hope and expect this to be the case.

From reports I have heard from very credible sources, one of the perplexities of the next level of questionnaire for interested parties is that the questions are so intimate, so broad ranging, and delve so deeply into one’s background – as should be expected, considering the positions in which the applicants wish to work – that even Mr. Obama himself would more than likely not qualify for openings because of his background and past associations.

Yet, we have just spent several weeks being barraged by the liberal perspective that past associations and current connections “do not matter.” We have been pounded incessantly by the Obama mouthpieces with the idea that Mr. Obama is fully qualified to be President of the United States regardless of his incredible lack of experience, regardless of his past associations, and regardless of his clearly stated philosophies.

Now we are to also accept that Mr. is still “qualified” despite the fact that he could not even successfully pass his own background verification process!

Yup, this is “change,” alright.

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