Friday, November 14, 2008

Clarity! . . . At Least a Bit

Now, I understand, I think . . .

It is being bandied about today that Mrs. Clinton will possibly be offered the position of Secretary of State in the Obama White House. This most certainly does explain quite a bit: why there was no “convention floor fight” for the nomination, no difficulties in conceding the nomination to Mr. Obama when Mrs. Clinton was the “most favored,” and why so much was made of the so-called breaking ceiling(s).

Call me a skeptic, but it appears clear to me that a deal of some sort was struck that very evening when we were all hanging about with the proverbial bated breath, waiting to see how the convention would pan out between the two “historic” leading Democratic candidates. As we now know in hindsight . . . there was obviously more “history” on one side than on the other: race trumps gender?

I could never get my head around why Mrs. Clinton ceded the nomination so seemingly easily to Mr. Obama when she certainly could have “negotiated” with delegations for their votes. This “sudden” and “unexpected” rumor finally makes clear to me why things went so easily at the convention. I felt there had to have been a price negotiated or at least discussed.

Here again, call me a skeptic, but I did not believe any of the stuff and blather about “party unity” that was given as the basis for Mrs. Clinton’s concession to Mr. Obama. When, tell me, anyone, has either Clinton shown him/herself to be guided by “party unity” unless it was solely or ultimately to their own advantage?

My husband feels that Mrs. Clinton may not accept the “offer,” should it come. He sees it as more of a lateral move rather than a power move. I would agree with that assessment. There is definitely more real power to be had in the Senate than as the President’s international personal messenger, however high the position may be. (Especially considering it would be this president and that particular messenger.)

The Clintons tend to gravitate more towards real power, from what I have seen of their “style.” If Mrs. Clinton does accept the position, we will all be provided with more fodder for the “what are they up to now” mill, though, won’t we?

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