Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Do Clothes Make the Man?

My husband and I were watching Huckabee the other night and one of the “issues” brought up with guest Janine Turner was the flap (no pun intended) over Governor Palin’s wardrobe on the campaign trail.

The headlines blazed – of course – over the supposed cost of the clothes: $150,000.00 or some such “outrageous” sum. Of course, this was a lead story on all the so-called “major” networks. Of course, this was the front page story on all the so-called “major” newspapers.

Of course, as often occurs when the Fourth Estate is dishonest in their “representations," the truth finally emerged (and probably already known at the time of the “broadcast”):

• Governor Palin did not purchase the clothes herself.

• Governor Palin did not request the purchase of the clothes.

• Governor Palin did not have any input into the decision.

• The clothes were purchased by the Republican Committee to be lent to Governor for her use on the campaign trail.

The crux of the matter is, of course, yet another example of the supposedly “open-minded and fair” network press and broadcasting . . . like the New York Times, for example.

Other than John Kerry’s shoes and haircut, and all the hoopla over Jackie Kennedy’s designer clothes, I have never heard such a plethora of nonsense regarding any candidate’s clothes.

Do the clothes make the man – or woman, as the case may be? Of course not!

So, then, why all the hullabaloo being made over Governor Palin’s wardrobe? I would bet that the greater majority of the Republicans and others who have donated to the McCain-Palin campaign more than likely don’t care a hoot about any portion of contribution money that may have been spent on Governor Palin’s clothes.

The fact that she could not reach into her own closet and drag out a Givenchy or Armani or Versace or whatever other “name” is tops among the clothes-horses these days merely proves to me – as it should to everyone – that she really is just like one of us, the regular people, the “Joes” of the world – also known as "We the People."

As Janine Turner astutely points out, “It’s not about the fiber that she wears. It’s about the moral fiber that she has.”

And that’s one of the only characteristics that matter in a Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate.John McCain and Sarah Palin have both proven they have all the moral rectitude and character needed for the positions for which they are applying.

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