Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Is This the Type of President We Want?

"Just one week ago, the Obama campaign declared that 'Barack Obama never organized with ACORN.' According to today's (10/11/08) New York Times, that statement is simply not true. The paper quotes Barack Obama on his role as head of Project Vote and says the statement 'linked his 1992 work to ACORN in a meeting with ACORN's leaders in November.' In fact, Barack Obama has a long relationship with ACORN, to which he and . . . terrorist William Ayers funneled nearly $200,000 from the Woods Foundation, and as recently as February of this year his campaign paid nearly $1 million to an ACORN affiliate for services related to get out the vote efforts.It is clear that Barack Obama is not being honest about his association with ACORN, just as he has not been honest about his association with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers. The media has an obligation to investigate the obvious contradictions between Barack Obama's rhetoric and his record."


I’ve been around long enough to know that most politicians are not too often straightforward, direct, and honest. I am not na├»ve; I do understand that most politicians feel they must “adjust, “change,” or “clarify” themselves and their issues in order to appeal to the broadest base when running for office.

However, do we really, really want a politician who is so comfortable with such an extraordinary level of obfuscation and dissembling that even a well-known liberal paper calls him on it?

Think about it, folks!

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