Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Freedom of Speech?

In the past several weeks, I and many, many other people have had their property trespassed upon and damaged by people who have stolen our political signs from our lawns. (Ours appears to have been burned.)

Strangely enough . . . all the stolen signs support John McCain.

We live in Jacksonville, Florida. I thought this was still in the good ole US of A where we all had the right of freedom of expression.

I was wrong, obviously!

The fact that our signs are stolen from our own front lawns clearly shows that those with different opinions will not allow others the freedom of expression they always demand.

Freedom is not a one-way street! Those who support Senator McCain have as much right to express that preference as do those who support Mr. Obama.It appears the only ones who do not seem to understand this are those who support Mr. Obama.

Is this indicative of the type of leader to be elected? I think not!

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