Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Virulence and Vitriol

Virulence and Vitriol

The attacks on Governor Palin are thoroughly outrageous, uncalled for, and border on the hysterical.

The obscene remarks made about her by so-called “celebrities” (Madonna, et al) are of the most base type imaginable.Many honest people have questioned, “Why?”

Because, having been a target of “liberal” thinkers myself, like Governor Palin, I can say in all simplicity it is because she is not “one of them.”

Yes, that does sound simplistic, even too easy an answer. Believe me, that is the answer.Governor Palin has accomplished everything these “liberal, open-minded, accepting” people claim that women can and should accomplish.

Their resentment, horror, revulsion, and fear are caused by the fact that she did it all as a Conservative woman, giving credit to her God, her family, her children, and her husband for their support.Liberals, especially liberal women, cannot accept that there are women who do not feel it necessary to still burn their bras and denigrate others in order to “prove themselves.”

I have had to “discuss” this issue most of my adult life and explain that, just because I am black, from a foreign country, and female, I am neither automatically a “feminist,” in the modern sense of the word, nor a liberal.Considering the behavior of both groups these days, I proudly retain my independence from those “clubs.”

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