Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We Are All "Joe the Plumber"

There are already "comments" out there (let's never use the term "attacks" . . . only those who do not agree are the ones who attack) trying to disparage and tear down the guy."They" have been out in force already and have apparently "found things" to supposedly discredit the man.

He has a lien on his credit, supposedly, and that is one of the things that makes his thoughts and opinions invalid!It would seem to me that would make him even more one of us, the middle class struggling to make it and be successful in life.It appears, however, that one must meet some type of undeclared qualification requirement in order to be accepted into Mr. Obama's "middle class."I guess "Joe the Plumber" does not . . . we should all wonder if we do meet those qualifications according to Mr. Obama's categorizations.

Ask yourself . . .

Are you "Joe the Plumber?"

Who is Joe the Plumber?

His name is Joe Wurzelbacher and he is a plumber from Ohio. Last night in the Presidential Debate, Joe the Plumber became a symbol of the economic troubles crippling the United States. Joe encountered Senator Obama while he was campaigning in Toledo, Ohio earlier this week. Joe wants to buy the company he works for, but purchasing it would make him a target of the Democrat's plan to tax the "wealthy." Joe told Senator Obama about his frustrations with Obama's plans to raise taxes on the "wealthy" and the Illinois senator replied that it was important to "spread the wealth around."Spread the Wealth?

Yes, Senator Barack Obama said he wants to "spread the wealth around." That means that he wants to take Joe's, and countless other small business owners', hard earned money. Senator Obama wants to raise their taxes so he can pay for his government mandated healthcare system and other big government programs. He wants to punish small business owners who are successful and about to climb the next step on the economic ladder by spreading their "wealth."It's No Surprise that Obama Wants to "Spread the Wealth Around"It's no surprise that Senator Obama wants to spread Joe the Plumbers "wealth."

He voted for higher taxes 94 times in four years in the United States Senate. And, he requested nearly $1 billion dollars of your money for wasteful pork barrel spending. Imagine what he will do as the most powerful man in the United States. Obama's rhetoric sounds nice now, but it will feel like a painful sucker punch if he is elected and his plans to raise taxes are implemented.

My husband and I are Joe the Plumber (though between the two of us we hardly make $50,000/year) and we do not agree with Mr. Obama's pledge to take our money and use it as he sees fit. I do not see how anyone would agree to that premise!We support Senator McCain because:

  • Senator McCain will Fight for Every Joe the Plumber

  • John McCain consistently voted against tax increases and never once took a wasteful pork barrel project. As a result he was given an "A" rating by the National Taxpayers Union and has received awards from the Citizens Against Government Waste for being a good steward of taxpayer money.

  • John McCain wants to lower your taxes and reduce government spending and has the record to back up his rhetoric.

Every "Joe the Plumber" Must Fight Against Senator Obama Before It's Too Late

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