Saturday, March 21, 2009

Do Unto Others . . .

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." That, to me, is truly the Golden Rule. If we were to follow that Rule to even the slightest extent, many of the "ills" suffered by the world would greatly diminish or even disappear. I am no "Pollyanna,' but I do hope for the best for people and from people. At least, I have until 11/04/08. That is the day my faith in We the People was seriously shaken.

In the days and months since, that faith has started to grow again, slowly, hesitatingly, and with great doubt -- but still with hope and faith.

We the People made a grievous error on that fateful day last year. Though I am Conservative and voted in that way, I take responsibility for the results with which we are now dealing. Maybe I didn't work hard enough during the campaign, maybe I was not articulate enough in my efforts to convince people not to succumb to the "charm" and baseless promises of "change." Regardless, We the People did not get our message across clearly enough to counter the "celebrity" of the other candidate.

We are now all responsible, however, to do our utmost to safeguard our country to ensure she does not fall off the cliff at the end of the road. We must all work as hard as possible by contacting our elected representatives constantly to let them know we are aware of their actions. We must be diligent in our oversight of our elected representatives' behavior and be quick to express our approval or disapproval at all times.

We are in this position because We the People became complacent; we did not take our responsibilities seriously and we chose to take the easy way out by not providing the intense oversight on our elected representatives for which We the People are responsible. We took the naive road by placing our faith in the "character" of such people as Dodd, Rangel, Pelosi, Kennedy, and many others, both Democrat and Republican. That faith has been ill-served, much to our regret.

I hope, however, that We the People have learned our lesson. The government and its workers are OUR employees, WE pay their salaries, WE put them in place. WE are responsible for the actions because WE are the ones who ultimately have to deal with the results of their actions.

As long as We the People allow those we elect to run roughshod over us, without controls or safeguards, We the People deserve what we get.

Copyright MCzwz. March 2009. All Rights Reserved.