Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Outrage?" More like More Hypocrisy!

The media's top reports these past few days have reflected the "outrage" supposedly felt by the "honorable" members of Congress elected to represent We the People as well as the "anger and outrage" expressed by some members of the citizenry.

This "anger and outrage" is supposedly directed toward the new head of AIG as well as the employees of AIG and the families of those employees.

Our "honorable" members of Congress appear to be either in cahoots with or at least supporting those who chose to recently express their "anger-and-outrage" via death threats sent in e-mail and voice mails, as well as through their physical representation in threatening drive-bys of private homes and stalking of private citizens. Our "honorable" members of Congress appear to be fully in agreement with the behavior of those who place full responsibility for the AIG issue at the feet of the employees of AIG.

It is bad enough that the so-called "anger-and-outrage" is patently misdirected; it is just as bad (if not worse) that the "honorable" members of Congress are condoning reprehensible behavior based on threats and intimidation by utilizing that same methodology themselves towards fellow citizens forced to "testify" before congressional committees.

The video of Mr. Liddy being excoriated by the "honorable" members of the congressional committee seemed to mesh very easily with an overlay of film of Senator McCarthy "questioning" those forced to testify before him.

That type of behavior from anyone, much less "honorable" members of Congress, is unacceptable . . . at least, it was unacceptable in a civilized society.

We the People used to be citizens of a civilized society.


The employees of AIG who were contractually given the bonuses because they worked at AIG and, according to those in charge at AIG, deserved the bonuses.

The employees did not make the decision to give themselves bonuses anymore than most employees in most corporations have the authority to award themselves bonuses or salary increases just because they want to -- other than the employees of We the People, that is (a.k.a. the US House and Senate)!

In the case of the AIG employees who received bonuses, there had to have been at one point or another at least one or two levels of approval prior to the bonuses being authorized. The recipients of the bonuses did not authorize the bonuses themselves; their bosses, managers, and ultimately the US House and Senate lawfully and duly authorized the bonuses.

By what right, then, do the "outraged" residents of Connecticut threaten and try to intimidate employees who did nothing but accept bonuses which were not only contractually due to them, but which had been approved by all levels of authority -- including the U.S. Senate and House through duly passed legislation?

Based on recent developments in the "hallowed" halls of Congress, the "right," to intimidate and threaten private citizens has been given by the very leaders of the U.S.of A.

The "questioning" of Mr. Liddy this week by the "honorable" members of the congressional committee gives the "right" to those who feel themselves also "angered-and-outraged" to behave in a similar manner. The "right" to threaten and attempt to intimidate those whom they hold responsible for this debacle is condoned by elected US representatives . . . the "Honorable" members of Congress.

This is mob mentality: the mentality of threats and intimidation which has been evident since the early days of the presidential campaign and which merely intensified when focused on Gov. Sarah Palin, Joe Wurzelbacher, any others who did not fully support "The Candidate." This "right" to intimidate and threaten was brought to an official level by Mr. Obama's exhortation to not "mess with Joe," and now has been given the final seal of approval by the House and Senate of the United States who, by their own behavior, ease the way for private citizens of the U.S. to be threatened and harassed for something completely beyond their control.

What is currently happening to the employees of AIG -- from the threatened usurious and unconstitutional "tax," to the humiliating berating of the current head of AIG by the oh-so-honorable members of Congress, to the threats hurled at private US citizens by other private US citizens, harks back to the days of McCarthyism, at best, and the days of Politburos at worst.

It should be the goal of news organizations such Fox to consistently maintain truth ad honor. The Fox-n-Friends segment this morning misrepresented the issue completely.

It is not the employees (a.k.a. the "workers") of AIG who deserve threats and opprobrium, it is the U.S. Senate and House. It is Christopher Dodd for his part in the creating the scandal, it is Barney Frank for his part in instigating the origins of the economic "meltdown," it is Pelosi and her cohorts who deserve the ire of We the People. It is Mr. Obama who should be the target of anger and frustration because of his unconscionable acceptance of these events.

Why aren't the threats being aimed at the true culprits? Why are the ones who are really and fully responsible for these problems not being threatened and browbeaten?

Because on November 4, 2008, We the People elected a representative to serve We the People in the White House whose mentality, philosophy, background, and personal history clearly reflect that the processes being applied this week are part and parcel of his much expressed desire to "spread the wealth," "give back wealth to those who deserve it," to ensure all wants are met, whether deserved or earned or not, and to create "change" in the most fundamental aspects of our Country: Our Constitution and Laws.

We the People should be deathly afraid of what the next 4 years will bring if this mentality spreads any further.

Copyright MCzwz. March 2009. All Rights Reserved.

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