Monday, October 26, 2009

The Race Club

I am incredibly sick and tired of the Race Club. I detest it and refuse to accept the intimidation tactics and bullying -- yes, bullying -- inherent in the constant carping declaring that any disagreement with Mr. Obama is solely and entirely based in race.

Until those who think that way and their cronies "change," there will always be racism in this country.

That is the mentality that subsists on maintaining "race" as a factor in everything because that is how that mentality gets its way: through intimidation and fear-mongering. That is the mentality that thrives on using the "race club" as a manner of getting its own way, no matter the disagreements, no matter the detrimental effect of such demands on the rest of the citizenry, including the ones whom that mentality claims to represent.

I see nothing positive in wanting to keep a large population of this country subservient to and dependent on the government and its political whims through controls, over-regulation of everything from health care choices to the internet, and finally imposing the ultimate control by taking away our hard-earned money through exorbitant taxation under the guise of supposedly “protecting us” from ourselves. (See "universal" health care and the cap-n-trade issues as examples.)

I am sick of it and will no longer accept it. I will refute that mentality by regularly and strongly by responding directly to it and fighting against it.

I come from a country in the Caribbean with a history of real slavery and racism among people of the same color and history, in addition to the racism of the Europeans who colonized it. There are countries that continue in that vein to this day. (Has any liberal ever heard of the "Untouchables" of India?) The entire world has had eras of slavery and racism. Do any liberals realize the origin of the word "slave?" I doubt it. Liberals should Google it and educate themselves. Slavery has nothing to do only with being “black” or American.

This country has worked very hard during the past 50+ years (longer than my entire life, so far) to remove any overt aspect of racism possible from daily life, but those whose fortunes rest on its continued proliferation will never allow it to die (Jackson, Rangel, Pelosi, Wright, Sharpton, et al). Has anyone ever noticed how rich these so-called “supporters of the people” are? Does anyone see them “spreading” their wealth among those who have none? They are, however, the first to rail against big, bad business and their profits. I, personally, would rather see Microsoft or Starbuck’s (or even AIG, and CITI) profits going to those who earned it through their own hard work rather than to the government and to those who choose to be dependent on the government rather than on themselves.

I became an American citizen because of the horrendous attacks of 09/11/01, when I realized how much this country means to me.

I truly believe that I, and the majority of other opponents, voted against Mr. Obama in November 2008 because the man was not then -- is not now -- qualified to lead this country.

I voted against Mr. Obama in November 2008 because it is an incredible measure of hubris to present one's self as candidate to the highest office this country has to offer as a junior senator from Illinois.

I, and the majority of other opponents, voted against Mr. Obama because of his own history, his own words, his own writings, and his own supporters (I had no interest in being governed by Chicago politicians). His own actions as a senator in Illinois and as a “community organizer” before his “win” told me without the least shadow of a doubt that he was not the kind of man I would want as the President of my country. His own actions, words, and character made the decision very clear.

I, and the majority of other opponents, voted against Mr. Obama because I was not interested in supporting a candidate with his philosophy of government-controlled life. I, and many other immigrants, left our native countries to escape exactly that type of government. I had no interest in supporting its establishment in this country.

I have too much self-reliance, self-pride, and self-confidence (formerly great characteristics of the majority of Americans) to want to live under a government that wants to control every single aspect of my life. Where I come from, that is called a dictatorship, at least, and socialist/communist at most.

I, and the majority of other opponents, voted against Mr. Obama because the only complete truth he spoke was to Joe Wurzelbacher when Mr. Obama stated he would "share the wealth!" Those words, that one phrase, all by itself confirmed for me the level of radical socialist mentality the man has.

I, and the majority of other opponents, voted against Mr. Obama because he did not have one iota's worth of experience as a manager, a leader, an administrator, or even as a legislator (voting "Present" and having “causes” spoon-fed by one's coterie of creators do not count as legislative experience).

NOT ONE of the above reasons has anything to do with race.

It is clear that those of us who voted against Mr. Obama are not a "small minority." That phrase, of course, is par for the course in the standard liberal methodology of denigrating and insulting one’s opponents. Mr. Obama did not get a "mandate to rule" in 2008 from the greater majority of the country, no matter what he, David Axelrod, Rham Emanuel, Anita Dunn, et al may feel and try to impose on the rest of the country. (As an example of a real “mandate,” look up the percentages of the vote by which President Reagan won.)

Were there some who voted against him only because he is black? I am sure there were. How is that, however, any “more” racist than those who voted for him only because he is black?

Those who did vote for Mr. Obama from the so-called "historic" basis of his being the “First Black President of the United States” did so, to me, on the most specious, baseless, and yes -- racist -- basis possible.  The votes were not given because of experience, knowledge, past accomplishments . . . nope!  He received the votes because he is black.

Look where that has gotten us.

If Mr. Obama's race is the one and only reason -- or even the primary treason -- for one’s vote for him, those who committed that act, then, are more "racist" than the most the so-called “redneck” among us.

Copyright, MCzwz, All Rights Reserved. November 2009.

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