Monday, November 2, 2009

Moral Imperative?

I do not believe it is the government's "moral obligation" to provide healthcare for all anymore than it is the government's "moral obligation" to decide for me what and how much I eat, drink, smoke, where I live, what I drive, what type of radio or television programs I listen to etc., etc., etc.

This "health care" ploy is merely one more extraordinarily blatant attempt to coerce the entire country under the wing of the "save the world" mentality of the progressives/liberals/democrats. In their long, patient march throughout the years, the have finally reached the pinacle of their "success."

The progressive/liberal/democrat cadre are on the verge of literally taking over not only "health care" but the complete care and feeding of this entire country. The individual, formerly the backbone of this country, is about to be assimilated into the collective of the whole -- again under the guise of "Papa Government" taking better care of us than we are capable of doing ourselves.

In addition to being an extremely frightening possibility, it is an infinitely sad aspect to contemplate . . . that the strong, independent United States of America should come to this point.

I pray intensely our countrymen will come to their senses next year and make the correct choices to try to start to reverse the course of self-destruction on which "We the People" voted to set ourselves on 11/04/08.

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