Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coming to the T.E.A. Party?

There has been a lot of activity this past year from the “T.E.A. party” groups throughout the country. My husband and I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend several and were thrilled to be publicly expressing our displeasure with this current administration’s policies.

Unfortunately, the pundits all over the place (including the generally reasonable FNC bunch) are having a grand ole time speculating about whether the T.E.A. “party” is “a party,” whether it is “against” the Republicans, whether it will fracture the republican vote and ultimately defeat itself to the advantage of the liberals now in control.

Lots of hullabaloo, lots of speculation, lots of provocative commentary. So what?

I think what is being missed here – and utilized to great advantage by the liberals and progressives – is that there is no "Tea Party" per se! There is no official or unofficial third political party operating under the name “Tea Party.”

There is, however, a broad based, grassroots movement of extremely concerned American citizens who gather beneath the banner of "T. E. A." which stands for "Taxed Enough Already." It seems that few remember that little fact already. This is not a "party" unless one listens to those who try to denigrate, fracture, and incite conflict among those of us trying to withstand the progressive onslaught.

This is not a new or separate party. I do not believe that it was ever meant to be a new, independent party to complete with either the current republican or democrat parties.

The T.E.A. "party" movement was created out of the frustration and anger – yes, progressives, “anger” – of American citizens as we came to understand what kind of "fundamental change" Mr. Obama meant when he campaigned. Very few among the electorate understood exactly what he meant at the time; he was elected. Now that the majority of folks understand clearly what he meant, he can get "un-elected."

That is how the voices of those of us under the banner of T.E.A. want to be heard and want to have an effect on our government. Those candidates who present themselves as thoroughly understanding and supporting the need to get our Country back on the path as a Republic, with a strong, solid – not fluid – Constitution, Bill of Rights, and economic independence will get our votes.

We do not need a third party in order to get this done. What we DO need is to make sure the Republican/Conservative candidates are true to the ideals we hold dear in our Country: the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the limited role of government in our daily lives, controlled government spending, no encroachment on our civil liberties and freedoms through unending government imposed regulations and rules, etc., etc.

Those candidates who convince us of their sincere belief and intent to support those ideals will get the votes of those who have protested under the T.E.A. banners.

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