Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Republican "Hypocrisy"?

The headline today on the Drudge Report (www.drudgereport.com) -- above the title, no less -- is about our newest Senator, Scott Brown voting for the so-called "Jobs" Bill. I have not yet read the article but the headline immediately reminded me of the most recent grating 'laments' from the democrats. Apparently, it is suddenly a very, very bad thing to accept government funds if some of one's party voted against the allocation of those funds in the first place.

Well . . . here's another example of a chunk of non-logic floating off on a plank of the ridiculous spin-stream.

As a fiscal conservative, I am against all of the government spending that has gone on since the last year of President Bush's administration. (We were against the prescription drug program, regardless of its intent, because it was unfunded and added to the deficit.) We were against the bank buyouts, the automobile manufacturers/union buyouts, and certainly against the wall street buyouts. We do not believe there is anyone or anything "too big to fail."

If an individual or a company mismanages their business enterprise to the brink of failure through their own bad choices and decisions -- they deserve to fail.

However, when the federal government grabs more chunks of taxpayer monies from ALL states and spreads those funds around -- then ALL states have a right to that money, whether or not the representatives of a particular state voted for the funds.

Why? Because it is TAXPAYER money that the government is spending -- not "democrat" or "republican" money, to be used only by the party that voted for its expenditure.

Simple fact of the matter is NONE of those the funds should not have been spent in the first place -- our Country did not and does not have the money in the bank. We could not and cannot afford all that expense: from the TARP to the Return of TARP to Stimulus to the "Jobs" Bill (aka Son of Stimulus), we could not and cannot afford any of the money this administration has been spreading about like so much popcorn practically since the first weeks of this administration!

The fact, however, is that the money is available for states to use to the benefit of the states (aka the TAXPAYER). The money has been allocated by the Federal Government -- from the same pot of tax dollars that all states pay into. How, then, is it hypocritical to accept funds from the pot into which ALL TAXPAYER funds have been included?

I will support the democrats' lament about supposed "hypocrisy" when there is a "republican" and a separate "democrat" pot of TAXPAYER funds. Until then, whatever goes into the pot from the TAXPAYER is equally available to ALL taxpayers.

All this sidesteps, of course, the issue that this kind of spending should not have happened at all. All this ignores, too, that our Country is pretty much dead broke and getting broker by the minute. Is it any wonder China and Japan pretty much own us?

The discussions should not be between who is "eligible" for taxpayer funds or not . . . it should be about who is going to sign the check when Japan and China call in their IOUs.
02/23/2010: Originally posted on "PatrioticResistance.com"

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