Thursday, May 13, 2010


I very much doubt that when Neil Diamond sang Arizona there was anyone in the country who would have imagined the outrageous events that have recently occurred because of that state's legal actions.

One of the very best things about our Country is Freedom of Speech which protects every citizen's right to protest, yell, jump up and down, march, wave signs around, and all around complain vociferously about our government's actions or inaction, as the case may be.

So far, so good.  Nothing about that inherent, inalienable right should be changed.  I pray to God nothing ever causes that right to be abridged.

However!  There are limits to protests, regardless of the inalienable rights afforded all American citizens and legal residents by our Constitution.

One of those limits has been breached most egregiously by the inane actions of the City of Los Angeles.  They, and others of the liberal ilk, have essentially declared economic war on the state of Arizona.  Why?  For the simple reason that Arizona passed a law requiring and reiterating that Federal Laws regarding legal immigration be adhered to.

How outrageous!  How outlandish that a state is being threatened by other localities for not only following but enhancing long-standing, existing Federal Law!  How incredible that a state should threaten another state, that elected officials in Congress should take to the airwaves to denigrate Arizona for following Federal Law.

Come to think of it, there's really nothing so incredible about it.  It is, merely, just one more example of the liberal perspective of "anything goes" . . . as long as the advantage is theirs and supports their ultimate agenda.

The liberals in Los Angeles and a few other places throughout the country are up at arms in reaction to Arizona's immigration law which merely requires LEGAL immigrants to be able to prove LEGAL RESIDENCY should they be stopped for LEGAL REASONS.

For those of you who are not up on these kinds of things, here's the "Cliff Notes" version of LEGAL immigration procedure.

A foreigner (anyone born in a country other than the United States, in simple terms) who wishes to come to this country will apply for a  document called a "visa."  This document can be issued as a "student visa" or as a "tourist visa."  Both types have specific lengths of time during which they are in effect.  It is (or, at least used to be) the responsibility of government agencies to ensure that neither type of foreigner overstays the length of the visa. 

No matter the length, in general, one always had the option of applying for extensions upon providing proof of the reason for requesting the extension, for example, more classes needed or the tourist did not get to go to the Grand Canyon on a mule.

Government entities (formerly the INS, currently ICE, for example) have the responsibility to ensure that all visas are monitored and remain in compliance.  Those same entities, upon determining that a visa holder was out of compliance, have the responsibility to locate and then send the foreigner home.

This, by the way, is standard operating procedure for all countries of the world.  Some handle the process a bit more nicely and courteously than others . . . compare, say, England's procedure to Iran's.

All foreigners, once they enter our country LEGALLY, always have the option to apply for permanent LEGAL residency.  There are various ways to do this, depending on situations and the countries from which the foreigners come.  All ways end in the foreigner being issued appropriate documentation of LEGAL residency:  the "green card."

Existing laws also require that LEGAL residents always carry their "green cards," in the same way that AMERICAN CITIZENS are always required to carry identification.  See how that works?  American citizens carry ID, Legal Residents carry ID.  Simple.

What, may I ask, is either "discriminatory" or "racist" about that?

I will NOT accept the response that "brown" people will be more subject to questioning than non-brown people because of the Arizona law!  That is a ridiculous and racist comment in and of itself.  It is merely a way for the left to browbeat any opposition into silence by the threat of being branded "racist."  (Clearly, that threat has worked for years, why would they stop now?  It got Mr. Obama elected, didn't it?) 

Common sense states that if "brown" people of any background commit more illegal acts than others that bring them to the attention of authorities, then of course they will be more subject to questioning!  However, one must never try to insert logic into any liberal methods; it just does not compute.

In even more simple terms, for those who refuse to accept facts:  If an ILLEGAL alien commits a crime of any kind, from running a red light to acting as a drug mule, that is already breaking our law.  At the point of contact with police authorities, the authorities can and should require proof of LEGAL RESIDENCY for any reason that causes suspicion, such as, for example, a number of individuals in a car or van, driving late at night on a back road, none of whom can speak a syllable of English.

How difficult is that concept?

To listen to the liberals and our esteemed Mr. Obama, however, the law does nothing less than allow jackbooted thugs to invade ice-cream parlors in order to drag any "brown" individual (and their poor, innocent child, of course!) kicking and screaming to the nearest gulag!

Why are reasonable, thinking Americans so hesitant to label that claim stupid and absurd?

Worse than the above idiocy is the reaction of many Republicans who have started to scramble desperately to justify their mild and timid support for the law.  That is not the manner in which such outrageously stupid assertions should be responded to. We need strong legislators who will not fold at the first sign of protest from the left.  We need legislators who will stand true to America, our laws, and our Constitution in everything and NOT allow themselves to be browbeaten into weak submission because of the illogical, inaccurate (lies) rantings of a loud and obnoxious group.

This has got to stop!  We, Americans, must realize that "open borders" is merely the fast track to complete destruction of our heritage, our history, and our identity as AMERICANS.

Mexicans should no more be excused from meeting the requirements of this law than should Haitians (many of whom have "brown" skin), West Indians in general (--ditto--), Hindus (--ditto--) and countless other nationalities who fall under the "brown" category.

My family and I emigrated from the West Indies over 40 years ago.  We followed the rules and requirements of LEGAL entry into this country as was required of all who hoped to enter at the time.  Our entire family came, even though my Dad had to wait an additional year before he was able to join the rest of the family.  We spent over 35 years carrying our "green card" with us at all times, and were proud to present it to any who requested it, because we were proud LEGAL residents.

Was that discriminatory or "racist" because some of my family are "brown," others are "black," and still others in my family are almost "white"?

No, it was not!

The premise is really simple:  there are rules and laws in place that are to be followed by ALL immigrants to this country.  Once in this country, there are rules and regulations applicable to ALL immigrants that must also be followed.

Why on earth would we want to welcome a group of people -- no matter what their skin color -- who prove even before coming into the country that they have no regard for our laws?

More insane is the thought that there are elected officials, sworn to uphold the laws of this country, who are actively aiding and abetting the breaking of laws.  Mr. Xavier Bacerra, among others, has been on national TV ranting and raving about the "dangers" of following Federal Law.  I have to wonder if he ever accepted, truly accepted, the oath he took as a Representative of the US House of Representatives to support and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America -- as opposed to the Mexican states.

Additional insanity is added to the mix by the rantings of the so-called history "professor" who stands in front of a group of students and clearly incites his listeners to overthrow our government!  I doubt that "speech" got much airtime, though.  Our esteemed liberal media outlets are much too busy chasing seniors at T. E. A. Parties to report on this event!

On top of  this unsightly heap of stupidity (just for the moment, I'm sure) is the gall of the Chicago-area High school administrators' choice to punish the girls' basketball team by forbidding them to attend a tournament which they earned through their own hard work and dedication -- because the tournament is held in Arizona.

I suppose nothing is too important not to be sacrificed at the altar of liberalism!

Does anyone else not see the outrageousness of a school's making a blatant political statement at the cost of the students they are there to teach, support, and guide?

Does anyone else not see the blatant stupidity of our elected officials' refusing to tell the truth about legislation, strictly because of their own political agenda?

It is past time to say: Enough, already! 

We who are honest, sincere, hardworking Americans must stand up to these people and emphatically refuse to accept their lies, misrepresentations, and their agenda -- no matter who they are.

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