Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mrs. Obama and the Nanny-ization of the Country

Every First Lady in American history has had their "thing to do," from "Just Say No" to literacy campaigns.
None of those activities, however, has ever been so intrusive into the entire country's personal life as the intent of Mrs. Obama's stated mission to "fix" childhood obesity -- under the typical liberal guise of "protecting" the children.

Is Mrs. Obama going to work directly with parents -- adults -- to try to provide them resources and information (as if there weren't enough out there  already!) to help PARENTS determine what best to feed their children?

Of course not!  That would be much too sensible.

The process, of course, will require targeting and demonizing the food industry in general.  The intent is to make the entire food industry the cause of children's obesity, while, as always, forgetting (or ignoring, as is always the liberal case) the true reasons children are obese in the first place!

True and Accurate Reasons Children are Obese

  • Children get no exercise anymore, neither at school nor at home.  They are driven to school, no matter what age they are, they are driven to the mall to 'hang out, they are driven to activities on a schedule.

  • There is no more physical education class in a great number of schools.  Schools have regularly chosen to cut phys. ed. classes out of the curriculum when trying to supposedly balance their budgets.  However, let's ignore the fact they are perpetually claiming never to have enough money, yet the various state lotteries were justified because the proceeds were targeted to support education.

Regardless of the above and any others Mrs. Obama may invent to justify her new experiment, the primary reason children are obese is the following:
  • Parents have long rescinded their responsibility as parents to say, among many other things, "No, you can't have another cheeseburger for dinner."  Parents have long used fast food as a quick-n-easy way to feed their families because it is convenient, does not interfere with their own activities and schedules too much, and meets the minimum parental responsibility to feed one's own children.
  • Parents are the most responsible for the state of their children.  It is parents who allow their children to eat what they will.  It is parents who provide the funds for their children to purchase the so-called "bad" foods.
That, Mrs. Obama, is the fundamental reason for childhood obesity, NOT the food industry from which you have financially profited so much.

Attempting to take over yet another aspect of our free market through this typically underhanded, back-door, deceitful manner is just another step on the liberal march to take over our Country in all areas imaginable.

Parents must STOP allowing the liberal guilt-mongering to facilitate their further abdication of their parental duties and responsibilities.  Parents must tell the government "No!  I can decide for myself what my child will or will not eat -- including at school."

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