Thursday, May 13, 2010


One of the primary things I noticed in the past year is that not only is our current administration not listening to the voice of the majority of the people in general, it is not allowing American citizens to have the opportunity to even contact the Representatives of the People.

It started during the so-called "health care/health insurance reform debate."  Representatives of the Democratic persuasion started to restrict e-mail access to their constituents only.  Understandable, to an extent.  I am sure they all receive an immense number of e-mails regularly. 

However, it is unconscionable that they restrict access to them only to their immediate constituents at all times.  This reflects their choice to ignore the simple fact that their actions very often affect many more Americans than just their immediate constituents.

When it comes to "reform" legislation such as "healthcare/insurance," "cap-and-trade," and now immigration "reform," ALL Americans are affected by ALL representatives' votes.

This factor alone demands that they hear comments and opinions from all Americans.  They must take responsibility for their votes and accept that their constituencies go far beyond the borders of their districts when it comes to such wide ranging legislation.

I attempted to contact Congressman Xavier Becerra  to comment on his position vis-a-vis the outrageous boycott of Arizona, but the gentleman's "E-mail Congressman Becerra" link does not allow anyone outside California to e-mail.

When are these elected representatives of the people realize that they work for all of us?  When their decisions, actions, opinions, and behavior affect all Americans, then they work for all Americans.

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