Thursday, May 20, 2010

Institutionalized Hypocrisy

This past week we have witnessed intense reactions from the Administration and their supporters regarding the law passed in Arizona against illegal immigration.

The immediate reactions from the exalted heights of the Presidency straight on through the Congress, down to the liberal left was to quickly and vociferously condemn the law as "racist," "dangerous," having the potential -- potential, mind you -- to lead to racial profiling. 

Those were the nice comments!

On top of the many ridiculous and close to hysterical reactions came the admissions, in Congressional testimony, of several administration officials, Janet Napolitano and Eric Holder most notably, that they had not even read the law at all.

As hypocritical and base this may be, it appears to be completely in line with their ideology to automatically condemn a law, or anything else they chose to perceive as "wrong," no matter whether they even have factual information about it.

Whatever happened to "Just the facts, Ma'am?"  Or, as simplistic as it may be, what about, "Look before you leap?"

That concept appears to be gravely missing in the mentality of the administration under which our country currently labors.  It appears more clearly than ever that their intent is nothing less than to denigrate, lie about, misrepresent, distort, and possibly ultimately destroy anyone who has the gall to act against them.  It is increasingly undeniable, even after having witnessed Mr. Obama's infamous "Apology Tour," that those who are currently in charge are only interested in one thing: to literally bow to any other power that appears to be contrary to America, from China to Mexico.

I am sure that the majority of those who voted for "Change" in November 2008 did not have any expectation that the "change" would lead to this. 

We now have an administration following in the footsteps of their rabid supporters.  The extreme left has used the methodology of "destroy to conquer" ever since the appearance of Mr. Obama as presidential candidate.  This methodology was made official throughout the campaign when any suggestion or hint of disagreement was deemed "racist."  It was brought to extremes during the attacks against the T. E. A. movement demonstrations (described as terrorists and "astroturf" by Nancy Pelosi).  It was glaringly apparent in Mr. Obama's automatic (shall we say "knee-jerk"?) reaction to the altercation between his Harvard professor friend and the Boston policeman.

Today, it is taken to the depths of hypocrisy by these two highly placed administration officials who are more than ready to destroy a sovereign state of our great country because the lawmakers in that state dare to attempt to take care of an intensely difficult problem -- without following the dictates of the administration.

Soon after, comes the proverbial salt in the wound:  once again, we have the President of the United States of America, a sovereign country, kowtowing to the president of Mexico about illegal immigration, providing a soapbox (an address to Congress) for that individual to insult and tear down our country.

When one thinks about it . . . we should not be surprised that many in Congress applauded the insults to our laws and our states.  Hasn't Mr. Obama himself been insulting our laws, our country, and our history ever since he set foot on the road as a candidate?  Is it any wonder that foreigners now feel perfectly immune to repercussions if they do the same?

It is hard for me to believe that the numbers of Americans who voted this man and his cronies into power do not feel even the slightest measure of discomfort at hearing their own country torn down from the well of the Congress.  But, at the same time, I have to admit that it is merely a parroting by a stranger of what a great many Americans have done for many years.

We should not be surprised, I guess.

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