Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Peanut Gallery Speaks

Woody Allen: First Vote for "Dictator Obama"

It is not surprising at all that an individual such as Woody Allen would make such a statement.

He is -- and has always been -- a perfect example of the elite left who disdains all who do not agree with his and his comrades' views.  I have never been able to get through more than perhaps the first 20 minutes or so of any Allen movie and have never  understood their attraction.  Yet, for the elite left, his movies are the most "intelligent," "high-minded," "extraordinary," and yadda-yadda, etc. "ever made."

Allen's statement is all too easy to understand.  As exemplified in Germany under Hitler, in Italy under Mussolini, in Haiti under Duvalier, and in countless other countries under countless other dictators, those who mindlessly and unquestioningly agree with and support dictatorships are always the ones who have an intense, dishonest desire to be "on top," "in control," and "in charge" -- supposedly because they "know best!"  Those are always the ones who merely want "power" to be able to do as they wish, whatever that may be.  Their dishonest and base evil mentality is always reflected in their immediate desire to silence others and deny the same rights they enjoy to any who disagree with them.

It appears that Allen clearly sees that his possible resurgence, his potential future as a powerful film maker would be limitless as a fawning sycophantic supporter of an Obama "Regime," in the same way Leni Riefenstahl, Hitler's film maker, glorified the reign of that particular madman and acquired great power for herself (at least for a while).  I would not at all be surprised if she was Allen's "hero."

Regardless of the above, because of our Bill of Rights, our Constitution and our adherence to the Rule of American Law, Allen and his kind cannot and should not be stopped from spouting idiocies and stupidities.  The rest of us, however, can, should and must speak loudly and emphatically against him and his comrades.

We must maintain our voices just as loudly and just as clearly as the left.  As in the current battles about immigration, school text books, government spending and takeovers, we must not allow ourselves to be intimidated or browbeaten into silence.  To allow that to happen would be to pave the very path desired by Allen and his ilk -- directly to a dictatorship.

Once we allow our freedom of speech to be destroyed, our Country is destroyed as well.
We must steadfastly support, speak for, and represent our Country and our Constitution and our Bill of Rights always.

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