Monday, July 30, 2012

Here's "Fairness" Again!

These people just do not give up!  No matter how often their claims, theories, suppositions and declarations are proven to be nothing more than lies, they will not give up their claims. 

OK, fine . . . we do have this little thingie in our country called "Freedom of Speech," right?  So that means that they -- along with everyone else, supposedly, have the freedom to express their opinions, whether pro or con, on any issue, right?

Well . . . wrong.

Not when we live in what may soon be the Socialist States of America.  Apparently, according to the Liberal Left, the only voices that have that constitutionally protected right - Freedom of Speech - is . . . guess who?  The Left, of course, and only the left.

No other voices have the same rights . . . because, of course (!) only they are "right," "know better," and "mean well."  No one else.  So, based on this oh-so-sincere, honest, and "fair" premise, no one else has the right to the constitutionally protected right of Freedom of Speech.

They tried to bring back the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" earlier in this administration, but, due to the immediate outcry, could not.  Not the types to give up, though, they're bringing it up again.  (After all, they've been trying to impose their "utopia" for over 50 years!)

True, they claim the targets of the "doctrine" are "only" the media: TV, radio, print.  If anyone believes that, I've got a really cool bridge to sell.  (Call me!)

Anyone gullible enough (like most liberals) who believes that this "fairness" doctrine is anywhere near the definition of the word "fair" is even more gullible than the folks who shut their brains down in 2008 and voted for this administration in the first place.

As we have heard in recent months, this administration's definition of the word always seems to involve taking [stealing, to be more accurate] something from one person or group to "give" to another person or group . . . as in Mr. Obama's exhortation to Joe Wurzelbacher.

We are supposed to accept that this type of mentality really is "fair" in any universe, not just in the topsy-turvy, upside-down, inside-out, black is white, and white is black "Brave New World" in which we now find ourselves.

The attempt to reinstate this so-called  "doctrine" is just a follow up, I believe, to the horrendous, revolting and disgusting recent attempts by Leftists to intimidate and silence practicing Christians under the sordid reasoning that comments made by the CEO of a private enterprise, Chick-fil-A, about his own personal, individual beliefs -- in response to an interview question from a biblically-based interviewer, are supposedly "hate-speech."

Such atrociousness should not even be acknowledged, much less discussed in any manner at all -- must be given short shrift --  when we have the rabid reactions of the liberal left insisting now that one's personal religion, and one's expression thereof, is now "hate."

I can't believe anything can be more revolting or disgusting than the combination of those excellent examples of "American standards," Chicagoans Rahm Emanuel  and Thomas Menino; let's not forget Boston's mayor and the several others who climbed out of the woodwork to spew their venom and threats

In response to Emanuel, I say, "Thank the Good Lord that Chicago standards are not my standards!"

And, with this as the background, we are to accept that the "Fairness Doctrine" is a sincere attempt to be "fair" to "all" points of view in the media industry?

Uh-huh.  Right.  Sure.

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