Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Support Freedom of Speech by Eating More Chicken

Who would have thought that Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion would be synonymous with "EAT MOR CHIKIN"?

That is what we are looking at now. 

Freedom of Speech -- a Constitutionally protected right, and Freedom of Religion -- another Constitutionally protected right are being attacked, insulted, denigrated, and almost destroyed to the point that the average American is supposed to be afraid to express his or her own strongly held, personal views.

I say "supposed to be" because I believe it is the goal of the "other side" to shut down expression of speech, opinions, thoughts, and ideas from any who are different from themselves; we are not to dare to speak our minds . . . in the "Utopian" world desired by the liberals, we are all to be a collective of one mind, one thought, one purpose . . . and therefore, at "peace" because we would all be subject to the control of one source of "guidance:" the liberals'. 

Trouble is, this idea of "peace" means nothing more than one side  (the conservatives and republicans) shutting down completely, becoming passive, giving up in abject submission to the view of those who scream the loudest, threaten the fiercest, and impose the most fear.

Remember, that's the only way liberals operate: they threaten, they attack, they insult, they denigrate . . . while the rest of us are supposed to just agree and acquiesce to their "suggestions" . . . regardless of our own personal feelings, perspectives, and opinions.  In their world none of that matters; only what we are allowed to have by their graciousness matters.

When is this disgusting mentality going to stop?  Never, it appears, because they do not know any other way.

When are we, who do not subscribe to those views, going to stop allowing ourselves to be browbeaten, threatened, and cowed into silence?

NOWToday. This yearTODAYNow is when we will be even more outspoken in our beliefs. 

At one of our local Chik-Fil-A restaurants this afternoon, my 70 year old husband, my 84 year old Mom, and I stood in line for more than a half hour to eat "MOR CHIKIN" just because what had been done to that private company during the past week was not only unconscionable but just plain evil.

The CEO merely expressed his personal opinion in response to a question during an interview with a Biblically based magazine.  The question was Biblically based, the response was Biblically based.  The man did nothing more than express his personal, individual beliefs.  He expressed the specifics of what he holds dear to his personal spirituality.

What, in any sensible world, could be "wrong" with that?  Nothing, in a sensible, honest, and truly sincere world

But in an Upside Down World, nothing can be expected to be sensible.  In the type of world in which we currently find ourselves, we almost have to take for granted that whatever a conservative says, does or even just thinks will be distorted, misrepresented, lied about.

The typical liberal response to most things conservative usually reflects those characteristics.

The CEO of Chik-Fil-A's responses were nothing more than an honest response representative of the man's personal beliefs. Regardless, these howling mobs are ready to do exactly what they are so quick to accuse everyone else of doing: discriminate, misjudge, falsely accuse, all mixed in with hypocritical bigotry . . . the very same horrors that make up their own characters!

Since the election season of 2007-2008, the liberals have used every possible method to try to shut down conservative speech, using those very same tactics described above, and many more not worthy of discussion.  The main weapon in their arsenal, during that election period, just as it is now, is to accuse anyone who dares express the least disagreement with this administration's activities of being "racist." 

Because of that era of our country's history, which the liberals make sure is never -- ever -- forgotten or even left behind, (as if this were the only country in the history of the world with slavery in its history!) they have taken this false accusation to an absolute level of absurdity.

Unfortunately, the incomprehensible level of self-imposed guilt taken on by a large percentage of our countrymen has made this accusation a very powerful weapon . . . in the past.  Thank God perceptions change, and people realize that allowing one's self to be controlled by a long-past guilt is ridiculous at best and self-destructive to the extreme at worst.

Our countrymen's collective self-imposed guilt has taken our country a long way to the self-destruct point. 

I do not believe we will get there, however.  All is not lost.  At least not yet, and not if millions of us have anything to say about it.

Thank God, most especially, for outspoken, strong leaders like Governor Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, and the millions of "regular" Americans who went out in the proverbial droves all day today, all over the country, who have the courage of their convictions, have had their fill of being threatened, insulted and destroyed just because they are sincere in their beliefs.  We all need to have had our fill of the methodology utilized by the left to shut us down, shut us up and hopefully make us all go away, somehow. 

Strength of character such as that shown by Chik-Fil-A's Chief Executive Officer is one to be held up as an example for all Americans who believe in the true American Dream as described in our Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

That's the recipe that our Country needs more of, and the mix is getting stronger and stronger every day.

The Conservative refusal to be cowed any longer started in 2009 with the rise of the "T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already!) Party" in protest of the liberal/progressive rise to power of Obama and his supporters, their goal to control every single American through heavy taxation, legislation, rule-making, and their clearly destructive intent to destroy our heritage. 

I sincerely believe the only reason this administration came to power is because Americans put their brains on hold in the 2008 election, in addition to allowing themselves to be cowed by "historical guilt" but it encouragingly appears that, as has been so originally said before, "The Sleeper" has awakened -- at last!

By the end of 2010, the Liberal/Progressives were wishfully thinking out loud -- stridently so, as they tend to do -- that the "Tea Party is dead."

Today should show any rational, honest, sincere thinking person that the "reports of [our] death were premature," to say the least!

Being active, non-stop "T.E.A. Party" members since 2009 ourselves, going to Chik-Fil-A this afternoon was very much like going to any other gathering we've attended during the past three years in various areas of our region.

It was yet one more opportunity to express our beliefs in, and support for, the Constitution, long-held American values and standards, and to support an American who is not "relative" in his beliefs.

The unrestrained, vociferous and hate-filled reaction of the "other side" should clearly show to anyone the danger we all face should this administration and its supporters be given four more years to impose and complete their destructive agenda.

Conservatives must emulate the courage of Chick-fil-A Chief Executive Dan Cathy, speak our minds honestly, sincerely, and clearly while we hold fast to our own values, even in the face of the very bigotry, hatred, extreme insensitivity and dishonesty of which we are constantly accused ourselves.

We know the truth.  We must hold fast . . . November 6, 2012 is not that far away.

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